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Yao Jinbo the next ten years is still the best opportunity for Chinese EntrepreneursAfter 80 beauty


in 2013, Yao Jinbo led the 58 city to break the overseas listing of Chinese enterprises in winter, and successfully landed the NYSE, so that the international capital market to see, China’s Internet industry unlimited opportunities.

in addition to entrepreneurial opportunities, Yao Jinbo believes that the economic environment is also beneficial for entrepreneurs. He admitted that he had the entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurs need to sell the house to support entrepreneurship. From the current environment, a reliable team, coupled with a more perfect business model, basically no worries about investment. Yao Jinbo said that the current environment for entrepreneurial services compared to 5-10 years ago has been much better. Ivan

my husband and I are all children out of the remote countryside. I was admitted to a famous university in Dalian for 02 years. My mother died at the age of 2. I went out of college and got only 100 yuan.

estimates that most people will say "no", and such youthful inspirational stories may only happen on television or in movies. However, the female college student who graduated from a university in Dalian has performed such a struggle story. In September 17, 2010, her own experience in the form of a post to 80 on their own 2 years of graduation 2 suites "published in the mop forum, a narrative of the" ugly duckling "on their own hard work, touching story from 70 thousand to the million dollar debt.


entered college, all I had to think about was how to make money. When shopping, others see what is good, I see where there is any business opportunities. I actively join the school community, and become the backbone of society, this is my first pot of gold earned — promotion of College Students’ milk, which has experienced many twists and turns N, but finally succeeded, as the main person in charge I earned 800 yuan.

2005, my boyfriend seconded to work in Dalian Development Zone Land Bureau, we moved in together development zone, I sat 2 hours to Dalian city. It’s time to count the coins. But we still have to pay our debts at home, and we don’t have any savings. Fortunately, we are used to the hard times.

later mall unilateral breach of contract, not to advertise new stores, we also received the rent. Passenger flow less and less, no way to go on, and my boyfriend and I took out the goods at the store on the weekend, in a lot of people street stall, dumped goods. Fair skinned. I’ve got a lot of sun. Finally, the goods are dealt with most of the basic, the shop closed, count down, do not pay.

in the Development Zone, I found a large shopping mall just vacated a new store, because it’s a newly developed store, so the rent is very cheap. We talked and decided to rent a room for business. Because I’m younger, and I sell girls, so many customers love to come to the store and really make a little money.

Yao Jinbo

hang by a thread.

      Sina Technology "2013 annual Billboard Awards ceremony held in Beijing yesterday afternoon, many industry leaders talk about the meeting of wind and clouds of industry of science and technology. During the ceremony, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said that now the next ten years or China will be the best ten years of entrepreneurship, in the changing Internet environment still has the opportunity.

, a poor family MM who came out of the mountains, could you imagine that after two years of college, she could save millions of dollars?

, according to Yao Jinbo personally revealed that in the second days after the listing, that is, fly back to Beijing normal work. He believes that in the mobile Internet era, a company leader must bring enterprises to the faster lane.


has been successfully listed 58 city, but Yao Jinbo said, with the whole industry users and merchants equipment service and the Internet has just begun, may take 10 years to reach the standard of service that allows users to buy rest assured complete information query, on the Internet, and in the 10 years, the Internet will change the environment in this change, still bears the entrepreneurial opportunities.

the hardships of starting a business for the first time

in 2003, my boyfriend, now husband, graduated from Jilin University and worked in Dalian. His family is also rural, and we are fellow townsman. Then, we rented a 10 square meters of the room, often eat a meal to hand count how many coins are enough the next meal, this situation continued until 2004, but we still have a happy day often hang by a thread, to give both sides the family debt.

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