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Since the launch of Taobao

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Ali Wangwang screen promotion links, use blog promotion way and set off a big wave, Taobao customers according to the moment all transferred to each big web blog, many Taobao customers to earn a lot of commissions, but in the Blog websites also started good times don’t last long, Taobao blocked off promotion links, blog the massacre to countless Taobao off a fatal blow, hard training to the blog did so. The most distressing thing is that the newcomers who have just joined the blog promotion have earned a lot of Commission since they joined in the blog promotion, but they just did not get anything and wasted a lot of time and effort.

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u.shtml wants to join admin5

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webmaster circle of Taobao customers, a variety of guest website program climbed out fall over each other! What Dongdong ah, a lot of Amoy cashback treasure ah, ah, ah Love Amoy Amoy Empire, is using API technology called information, because it is the call to API data, many website content most favorable then, the search engine included the part, want to continue collection has been very difficult. I am here for example, I also have a API call guest program, I use the dark Empire aiqimi, which is a guest of my website, set up at the end of October this year, joined Taobao off also is very late, so it doesn’t work at this station. I analyzed it, there are too many websites, the content is the same, search engines have felt that the content is not fresh, the opportunity to be included has been very small. I personally think that API call guest program is not suitable for Taobao customers to promote. Why? From the start here, as long as you analyze carefully, promotion will be able to see all of the above is the first start foot, the latter to be assigned from a piece of meat is hard, this is my personal view.

blocked blog blog? Blocked after the dissolution of a powerful Taobao passenger army, while domestic webmaster number huge increase, the original Taobao webmaster guest joined the industry, opened a personal website to achieve the purpose of promotion, personal website is not restricted, not tied, extend freely, however Taobao is a guest in the webmaster industry stationed on. Did not build a website, also begin to learn a station, this also is why the number of domestic stationmaster increases greatly.

registered soft reporting coalition.


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audit method: manual review monthly billing cycle:
special note: specific
3, uusee
charging mode: CPA
special note: Download and install again after 24 hours of activation is a successful activation.

network to soft


Ali mother, netizens have joined Taobao customers earn a commission for the promotion of goods seller Taobao, at the time of every kind of promotion way over the Internet, the most popular Ali Wangwang or for which Ali Wangwang has not started off shielding Taobao promotion link, and the effect of a prosperous promotion is the best, because too many users will want to report, Taobao promotion link blocked off.

finally, if you want to do Taobao customers, I strongly recommend you do a single product promotion, the benefits of a single product promotion is different from other people’s web content, search >!

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time.

alliance channel, please contact , Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online to make money.

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