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After the fire intelligent hardware hollowed out entrepreneurs will be how to walkDialogue cheetah C

A piece of chess between the

capital has also begun to favor this emerging field. Jingdong on 2015 issued the "China intelligent hardware trends analysis report", which pointed out that in 2014, the intelligent hardware industry financing amounted to 4 billion 700 million yuan.

"let’s not forget that Microsoft and Facebook, and Microsoft, have invested in apple, but that hasn’t affected the two companies to become great companies.". Therefore, even if we are a piece of chess, it is also a stage piece."


along with cloud computing and big data and other Internet technology in early 2014 by the government strongly advocated, intelligent hardware technology also ushered in the peak period of development. After that, sh419, Tencent, Alibaba, 360 and other giants began to layout in the field of intelligent hardware, self research and development or cooperation with other manufacturers to launch their own products. Among them, millet is a series of smart hardware, including wristbands, routers, including the construction of a hardware ecosystem".

and Wang Xiaochuan

and Zhou Hongyi’s attitude is very different, Fu Sheng talk about the current boss Lei Jun, words full of gratitude. Although Fu Sheng stressed that two people are the noble people in their career, but Fu Sheng has given the title of teacher to Lei Jun. "I think Lei Jun knows how to respect entrepreneurs.".

, the investor and the cheetah is more resources to support the cheetah by the board of directors to manage the management, and in the direction of business and financial management, the board of directors of the management of large scale decentralization. Once the shareholders have differences, the cheetah in its own interests, stand neutral point of view to consider.

in the U.S. market, known as "wearable device originator" Jawbone began to decline this year. In February 2016, Jawbone financing 1.6>

Fu Sheng believes that the cheetah in the course of three years of development, has become the Internet field experienced the most violent fire company. The most violent shelling of the enemy camp, it is with the cheetah company and Fu Sheng people staged a love and hate Qihoo 360.

Said Fu Sheng

talked about the reason for leaving 360, and Fu Sheng was reluctant to go back and say he just wanted to do his own thing independently. In terms of the public, Fu Cheng revealed that as the only independent development company in the field of security, the cheetah moved in front of the listing by 360 of many reverse road show, directed at cheetahs. And he sees it as an experience.

in the rapid growth of demand, a large number of hardware incubators also began to be born. Data statistics, as of 2015, the capital of Shenzhen hardware incubation institutions will reach about 200, more than 50 well-known investment institutions under the incubator was established in Shenzhen in 2015.

talking about Zhou Hongyi: he’s still living in memory,

growth stagnation, market indigestion,

Shenzhen Bay Plaza is the Shenzhen Branch Center of entrepreneurship. Here, the distribution of a number of incubators, many guest activities will be held in which, many of them intelligent hardware equipment roadshow activities.

DoNews8 on Sept. 28 news reporter An Hong from the Shandong Institute of Business and Technology to the Qihoo 360, today the cheetah moves to Fu Sheng, as China Internet "Mesozoic era" is the representative in the 2014 Conference on the Internet for their own occupation career had a scan and tells the story of grass root counter attack.

‘s embarrassment is already evident in the faces of the entrepreneurs.

looks like everything is moving in the right direction. But the upward trend began to stall at the end of 2015.

from Jinshan, Tencent to sh419, millet, count cheetah mobile investors, almost all of the Internet industry now includes all giants. The cheetah has become a pawn among giants.

talk about Lei Jun: mentor, but also Bole

, born in March 6, 1978, has a typical kinky personality of Aquarius, which has created an emotional journey with his predecessor, BOSS Zhou Hongyi.

recently, there is a "smart hardware products show conference" held in one of the incubators. At the show, dozens of hardware start-ups from Shenzhen and surrounding cities came up with their own products. Entrepreneurs put their products on the incubator’s platform and nervously waited for visitors to comment; people crowded and watched before the booth, watching the products.

yunwang Orville data show that in 2015 the market China intelligent hardware retail sales amounted to 40 million, accounting for 32% of the global share. The Jingdong released in the first half of 2015, Jingdong intelligent hardware industry report pointed out that, from January 2015 to May, Jingdong platform sales of smart products compared to 2014 grew by 264%, and users grew by 215%. Market analysis agency Gartner predicts that by 2020, wearable device shipments will reach 500 million units.

Fu Sheng’s hostility to Zhou Hongyi is reflected in his dispute over the 360 brush for the sense of existence. "My life has already started a new page. I don’t need to look back on history. I can only say that he lives in his memory if he thinks I’m alive by remembering him."

contact Lei Jun in six years, Fu Sheng learned from Lei Jun how to manage a business.

in various factors driven by the intelligent hardware industry in 2015 ushered in a spring.

suddenly, a visitor said, "I see how you look like these products."

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