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My creative venture almost ruined my career because of chicken soupJunior high school students Taob

, which may come from previous experience, has become a universal truth accepted by later generations. Not only did they carry out large-scale innovation, they created large amounts of wealth, but also made a significant contribution to the field of venture investment.

automatic recharge set, you can open the computer, at least for me is not old in front of the computer! It seems to me better than the development of physical inventory investment and delivery! Less cumbersome. So he immediately added to the ranks of the software sales.


in the world, has been spread in such a "creative enterprise baodianpian", one of the three most main content can help enterprises achieve rapid development: "decisive action quickly, refused to stay in a rut", "as soon as possible to release their products, and to continue to innovate" and "product sales can solve everything the problem".

introduce myself before I – O Wyatt only junior high school education, from the age of 17 he began to work. The factory is the operator, the contact is ceruse. Considering the long-term work harmful to the body, so 2 years after quitting the job.


our company is very lucky. ProofPilot was relatively solid in its infancy, which allowed us to finish seed wheel financing in the spring of 2014 after graduating from Blueprint Health, a New York based incubator specializing in medical innovation. At the same time, let us waste a year to try out the standards of the development of enterprises, but found that it did not achieve the desired results, but also still has the potential to continue to rise and space.

is about my site cost: $60 a year in space domain, generally every 2 every month, to ensure that at least a little speed! Let’s not anything else, this should be the most basic input. The initial capital of more than 260 yuan! Under aspects into consideration, I joined Taobao

e-businessmen army!

has always been my dream is to start a business, in which I also consider the site as the starting point, and then experience promotion skills often to A5 learning predecessors. But I technology is not strong. It is difficult to support a site, and the initial capital is still a problem for me, I was as far as possible to save every bit of money

in learning I also began to understand the Taobao website. We all know that Taobao has more than 08 years doubled in the 09 annual turnover. The vigorous development of electronic commerce. The network is becoming more popular. At the same time, the excessive also brought fierce competition. Any business in a category are tens of thousands. I was at the end of 09 registered shop. The research for a long time did not know what to sell. She has no management.

editor’s note: the author of this paper is Matthew Amsden, currently CEO, ProofPilot.

Digital virtual

once this number is not so easy to make medical Tools >

to almost 10 years, occasionally in the community to see a post that is selling recharge software can also get great profits, after careful study, understand that this is a price of 300 yuan can be automatic recharge software, fully support the Taobao pat ah automatic recharge, recharge the mobile Unicom Telecom calls, now I feel very strong. Is more attractive to me is the sale of the software can directly profit 195 yuan. This profit is not big. After understanding the software to automatically recharge in testing too. The test. It can support service recharge. This too is in line with my need

is very excited, shelves, modify images, release, and so on! Think of static business, but 2 days or no one to buy, know this in the network in the army, I was only one, there is no special


other companies don’t have much luck. Serious mistakes made by companies such as Theranos, Zenefits, and 23andMe are exposed under rigorous media surveillance. No one is willing to make mistakes or ignore important principles. I think there are more digital medical companies that will fail because their own strategic growth model is not compatible with the industry in which they are located.

but my digital medical company, ProofPilot, has just died because these so-called "entrepreneurship books" almost died, and I worry that these rules could threaten the entire digital medical industry.

in today’s society, almost everyone is using those user centric App. Compared to banks or electricity providers, digital medical enterprises need to solve more complex problems, but the fact that no one cares. Users of digital medical products hope that the medical tools they use can be as simple and convenient as using Gmail to send mail.

then every night in the Taobao business thinking, thousands of small, how can I from which my software talent shows itself! The recharge calls, but Taobao needs the service of the people is a lot. Just because of the only Taobao search and train entrance, only a few shops can at the forefront in the search. All I change the strategy change from passive to active, according to the characteristics of software sales to recharge.

healthcare and life sciences industry is slow and inevitable. In the field of game products, you can promote your products in the e-commerce platform and social media, from which you can evaluate and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of your products and optimize them. But in the medical field, mistakes mean companies will face lawsuits. In some cases, the product or drug treatment process can lead to unintended results. What the book says is "quick action, continuous innovation" is difficult to achieve in the medical industry. Therefore, the medical field has a set of guidelines for its own development that enable companies to ensure safety and effectiveness while continuing to rise.

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