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On the correct derailment of an entrepreneurVenture to the sea the challenge of entering Southeast A

in order to simplify the title, only said the entrepreneur’s derailed way, here actually must say:

hopes to have peace of mind of entrepreneurial venture, not to mess with the girl, if provoked, or stick to their pregnant, return to life to forget or provoke in entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship girl, so that everyone will not have empty and lonely because you do not contact each other.

1, competition format swift and violent fermentation,

, this is a basic moral entrepreneurs derailed, if you know your boss with the girl, is not responsible for, so quickly find the Antarctic Circle for a boss, because the boss will not be responsible for you. Of course, if you have problems, don’t come to the Antarctic circle. We are also responsible for the boss.

2, an entrepreneur’s other half of the derailment.

two, giant crowding out gradually enhanced

do you remember the 4 o’clock moonlight and mail?. For some entrepreneurs, they still remember 5 in the morning, no morning suddenly.

you and your business, I will not bother you, I have nothing to say, the Wang family next door.

"the stronger the stronger," the entrepreneurial environment in Southeast Asia is no exception. The leading start-up companies on the track will receive more capital, expand more lines, undertake more aggressive mergers and acquisitions, and become more and more crowded with new entrepreneurs. Here is a very clear case. Before 2016, if the company wants to test the Indonesia business online payments, the opportunity to make the probability of 50%, because the Indonesian market does not appear such as WeChat, Alipay unified payment platform company entrance.

1, the way an entrepreneur starts off.

starts with an entrepreneur’s infidelity.

A girl will be responsible for

that night, I slept with Aki Ryoko, a Japanese girl and a deep user of my product. Her Chinese language was excellent. Just as the "Ballad Version" in the background music, I think it is not a kind of like pleasure, more is a cruel situation, I clearly remember that time out of the window of a bird after, then is a drop of rain in the window to the sound.

started in 2014, and the craze for entrepreneurship swept across Southeast asia. After more than three years of entrepreneurial cultivation and investment fermentation, today’s Southeast Asian market is no longer a big blue ocean for many people to imagine "new ventures and new wealth". As far as entrepreneurs are concerned, the challenges and difficulties in creating a great company from scratch in the Southeast Asian market are much bigger than those of two or three years ago.

is the best in Suzhou this Chinese condom sales in the city, always put the corner mirrors the long shadow, April rainy season, moss shows some remnants of the old time, the dim lights, through the window, sprinkled on my face.

as an entrepreneur the other half of the derailment probability is very high, more direct reason, because the feeling is in need of company, but entrepreneurs usually love on credit, it will naturally lead to idle resources he used, this is from the economics is reasonable, everyone is now sharing economy love. Beep. So when you hear the other half of an entrepreneur choose to be derailed, you are not surprised. They just choose their values and take a downward life.

Abstract: basically every time I go to the coffee shop, hear the next table, was born some 87 to 90 years of woman complained about the content of basically the same, husband or boyfriend in the business, they are living a widow life in general for the entrepreneur families, the prince and the crystal shoes is really deceptive.


Abstract: in 2016, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines GDP growth continues to lead the Southeast Asian market, mobile Internet penetration is also expanding rapidly in the rapid growth of the economy and the mobile Internet, young society, social service is relatively backward so as to provide favorable conditions for domestic entrepreneurs.

in contact with the user’s name

when a woman is looking at the sky, she is not really looking for anything. She is just lonely.

is now the Southeast Asian market, especially mobile Internet is the rapid development of Indonesia, not only in the game, business, travel, air travel services and other areas of life have sprung up in the local big game player is very strong, such as Garena, Tokopedia, Lazada, Go-Jek, Grab, Traveloka etc.. There are also domestic Internet giant investment and business expansion, such as holding Ali Lazada, ant payment service of Thailand fintech company Ascend Money investment and Singapore swap trading platform M-DAQ, Tencent acquisition of Thailand Sanook Online, UC’s media content support areas, there are a variety of Copy from China in the fierce competition, such as a number of today’s headlines "news app, melee, a" meituan comment "service product competition, a number of" Ying Ke "broadcast platform for the anchor, certainly not shlf1314, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon in this area is a key force and flow contention.

so chaotic battlefield will undoubtedly enhance the threshold of entrepreneurship, budding entrepreneurs want to complete from 0 to 1 and the survival and growth, there must be a higher quality and stronger team, more capital and more strategic resources and blessing, inevitably involved in the fierce market competition in the tournament.

, but when the unicorn lives in Indonesia

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