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Teach you how to let online baby stand out improve conversion rateThe unicorn dies tomorrow at C Th

we see too much out of thin air, made a lot of entrepreneurs to deviate from the commercial nature of things, and the trend in front of the tides, the last departure from business at the beginning of the heart; we also see too many entrepreneurs start carrying a full of feelings, encounter a commercial torture immediately Yang boat; we also see a lot of Founder immersed in their own past experience and mode of thinking, opening and closing are their own professional importance first; some founder, simply indulge in their "hard" in the circle of friends in various activities and meetings in the daytime the evening sun, totally do not know their focus where is the.

This is not the past remind


2. grab users petty psychological

technique example: we can use full 88 yuan and send value XX yuan gift. In this, the gift must have some value, will not let customers feel you are in the huyou. Here mainly to emphasize the grasp of customer psychology, techniques can be free to play.

creates a huge desire to buy and often results in unexpected results. Each baby’s detailed description clearly conveys the baby’s functional information, professional guidance and product combination, the details of each of the use of the description of the most thorough, so that buyers suddenly attracted. The baby details page display, must do the relevant optimization, text, pictures are around the theme accurate description, including related sales. Gradually, brand value also increases, naturally avoid and other store homogeneity phenomenon.

3. creates a page of detail for customer desire

* * * this article is written by Zhang Ye, founder of Qingshan capital, at a post launch event ***

in the face of increasingly competitive electricity supplier market, the unique products on the market is almost nonexistent, you can enter the goods, others can still purchase. And the prices are getting more and more transparent. Faced with this situation, improve the conversion rate, how to make our products stand out in front of customers, nonsense, not to mention, directly into the topic. The same commodity in front of customers to display unique momentum, improve conversion rate, there are 4 ways!

4. don’t let your opponent’s price advantage beat you

psychology of cheap money is the mentality of most buyers, whether they are poor or rich. To put it simply, to be cheap is to spend more money and buy more goods to make more money. Let customers take advantage of us, low prices may not make them feel occupied. Low price war is not a healthy growth of shops, seize the psychological needs of customers, the initiative is better than allowing customers to feel "cheap", "money shops" in order to obtain sustained and long-term development.


in the past, when we invested in the project, in addition to a detailed understanding of each "dream" origin, I will pay more attention to its business logic and feasibility. We respect every dream, but we value it more. This kind of reason sometimes does not how happy, but I think for investors, let entrepreneurs drink ten thousand pot chicken soup is not as good as a "responsible."". On the one hand, entrepreneurs should be responsible to investors; on the other hand, investors should be responsible for LP, and the key to these "responsible" businesses are the essence of business.

example: there was once a Taobao store running cheese, launched a unique "Inner Mongolia cheese combination 4+1 package" products, shelves for a month to create nearly 300 single sales records. Sales of the leading peer, packaging products after later. As long as users in the Taobao search Inner Mongolia cheese, this combination of products will appear on the home page of the top ten, the same to sell goods, but played a card and other home is not the same.

business? It’s really simple, just like Milton ·, a contemporary economist, said: "the very essence of business is profit.". I know this cruel, no sexy word will scare a lot of emotional entrepreneurs, but that’s the first lesson that entrepreneurs need to learn. Even if the business is wrapped again sexy, we also want to realize that it is a bone of business, like doing business to treat your business projects, the project will be able to get vitality.


truth is often like this: a can not see the profits of the project hope, and then the feelings of investors will not vote. A large number of projects in the early days of money can be "burn", because we can see a greater profit and return later. Whether you "flow", for having heard it many times or entrepreneurs with "entrance", whether it is to attend various activities of the PR, or rapid iteration, we must not forget, what is the ultimate aim of the ultimate goal, along the way a lot of choices will do much good. We often see a lot of entrepreneurs halfway, completely squandering charming eyes, gradually ignored the direction to go. Market without rhythm and aim, flow blindly

What is the essence of

1. combines related goods into one commodity

the same quality of goods, it is impossible for everyone to get the lowest price. So when we don’t have a price advantage, we sell

combination of products, to give customers a new face, showing their own characteristics and the shopkeeper’s intentions to operate.

as an investor, I have been reminding myself that as far as possible do not intervene too much after the project, regardless of what entrepreneurs are thinking and action, for the direction of success, all roads are through. But one thing I must remind them of is: never forget the nature of business.

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