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The car sells CEO Li Yanzhu after Ma Yun finally understand the difficult experienceEight major issu

I interviewed the interview on Sunday afternoon for a long time before Lee responded: "I only have weekends with my daughter.". In a word, I feel guilty. The same day Li Yanzhu or performance and to, and half an hour earlier arrived in Hangzhou near West Lake Yat villa. He said it was the second time for him to come to this place.

"a little man may sink into injustice"

sold a good car, since its inception, stepped on many pits, when the business was moved by To C To B, the company must "break off its arm", layoffs became a plan to be implemented. At that time, Li Yanzhu let all departments in accordance with the performance of sorting, unqualified people will be dismissed. He knows he is human, if someone before is love, he will listen to, listen to will xinruan, so they will plead the people are stuck in the door, "anyway, when I do not pay, you see!" left a word in the travel way to escape the "non the land".

Li Yanzhu is partial to the family, and to the company as well. He knew his weakness and managed to curb his emotional side. "Small benevolence, great injustice" is Li Yanzhu’s deep understanding of company management.

Li Li is a science and engineering background, but he has a good sense of control in writing and photography. He often shares some valuable articles and photographs in his circle of friends. The main characters in the picture are mostly their own daughters. I can see he’s a father who loves his daughter. But he did not give his daughter unconditional love, in some matters of principle, Li Yanzhu is still strict with her daughter. The rich daughter to raise people speaking, in his view, the real eutrophication is to let her be unmoved either by gain or loss.

Li Yanzhu, selling good car founder, electricity supplier field for many years, rivers and lakes called fat Hu fei. In 2005 to join the taobao marketing department, Taobao No. 162nd employees, a founding member of Taobao mall, has been called "Taobao’s senior marketing"; left Taobao in May 2011, served as a founding partner and mogujie CMO; in July 2014 started the first venture, to build the car business platform, buy a car, in 2016 officially launched "professional automotive dealer service platform sell the car".

article China Internet development ideas still steadily, but along the way through several rounds of ups and downs, always avoid this or that problem. Review each stage of China’s Internet development, we can better understand it, pay more attention to it, and for the further development of the Internet to sort out ideas.

Internet frontier information

Vice Premier

he knows that if his momentary "benevolence" arouse sympathy, they will put people in the "evil". Always emotional soft hearted Li Yanzhu constantly try to force their determination, "even if the heart is tangled, but also to show very free and easy. If I’m not enough


Li Yanzhu has paid more attention to the company’s reward and punishment mechanism. He believes that the "dictatorship" is the company management taboo, must be "sage listen", absorb excellent suggestions, innovative incentives; if someone makes a mistake, then pulled out in front of "slicing", the expense of a person’s face, can stabilize the overall situation. "Let people know that you are really killing people."."

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