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College students legend earned 600 thousand monthlyStationmaster regrets U1TH alliance does not send

found this Simon customer service for more than January, finally do not give money also called me, said to me well enough, give me two dollars a U1TH, since the Alliance for money not reputation, I will not give him a face, you see the true face of the U1TH alliance unless the Simon that customer service! Called goblins 20455697 has been discharged, otherwise you

requires evidence and chat can contact me, :276937512, please indicate what

A year after

Yu Linwei was aware of the change. He made three suggestions: first, he was always with the company

business in February turnover exceeded 600 thousand

this application does not matter, so I have white hair or no audio, send a message to ask, reply is not financial in is not I want to go to a meeting or go to dinner, this one for nearly 40 days past

October 2002, Yu Linwei founded the commercial exhibition and advertising based company, Hangzhou Department of finance investment management consulting co.. Every day and night, he led his team to explore the business model and explore the business direction. The company was founded twelfth days ago, he has the first advertisers, Ningbo, a production enterprise as a whole kitchen; the company set up second months, turnover exceeded 600 thousand yuan. The establishment of the company for half a year, one of the company to become the Zhejiang satellite TV, a plurality of channels, the main advertising agency in the individual brand column, once occupied more than 30% market share; and sales agent of the company involved in the development of human resource management software has achieved good sales performance…… "The most valuable thing in college entrepreneurship is the combination of passion and reason," concluded Yu Linwei. During this period, Shenzhen HUAWEI has no intention to become Yu Weilin’s mentor, he learned to HUAWEI, the company developed a "Hangzhou Department of Finance Investment Management Consulting Co., systematically put forward the basic law", to the enterprise, to the business, to the understanding of dreams, and proposed to introduce new entrepreneurial team members across the "acquaintance management" create, corporate governance structure to partner system based.

Yu Linwei is an obsession with the "Westward Journey", love Zhu Deyong, Jimmy and Picacho boy in Hangzhou, is such an affinity, look big boy on the ornamental and the combined plain properties, founded his own advertising company of the third grade, the company opened 12 it ushered in the first business day. Since then, he has become a Xinhua news agency, people’s daily, the "Zhejiang daily" and many other media to report examples of entrepreneurship. Now, in order to be able to climb different mountains, Yu Linwei resolutely resigned and started a new entrepreneurial process.

July began clearing, I also came a few days in advance notice, July money settlement, don’t forget a 2 yuan, I did not reply, to the settlement, it is 1.5 yuan a gas, I was speechless, one asked, said that in June notice beginning in July, unified 1.5 yuan, I want him to find chat, if this notice, all my money in the alliance are not, he has avoided

U1TH alliance, the product line or lower prices never notice, before doing one of his newspaper software is, line 10 days before I know, ask customer service, said notice, but I searched the chat records could not find this notice, then call the customer service attitude and for people to stroll are also good, and because no release in front of it, hundreds of pieces of no

did his Fetion know what it is before this, the same price of 1.5 yuan, I mainly do the fluctuating alliance, there is my schoolmate, but also a 2, who knows U1TH service Demon 20455697 is but I must put all the ads have replaced him, I has been refused, but a line is for me a line is looking for me. Finally, I can’t stand the pain and say, give me 2 yuan. I want to put it on and see

Yu Linwei has a variety of popular titles at school, vice president of the literary society of Zhejiang University, President of the largest academic community and chairman of the student union. In these social activities, the young Yu Linwei virtually mastered the good school resources and government resources. In various social activities, he learned many elements of business in the future.

started the business, there was a discordant voice. The new project has failed to get through, even if is only against others, eventually tend to have strong executive resistance; company management costs began to rise, a variety of entertainment expenses, the cost of public relations seems to start to lose control; market development efforts, especially for the marketing team management is lax.

did not want to, up to now have 3 months, last month the money settlement in June, found that 1.5 is still in a clearing, looking for the Simon customer service, said to have financial and financial say, forget, give me up, but he want to deduct the wages, not to have the heart, so I proposed for bonus

at school, Yu Linwei and a friend met a host the Hangzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision forum opportunity "in a few days, we finally earn pocket money, there are actually about 400000", which makes Yu Weilin feel the excitement of business for the first time.

!I hung up the white

wants to be a dignified enterprise,


two months, because of the recent busy, to the audit found that less money, ask not answer two questions or not, three… Until the anger, it was said in July on the price, even if often landed backstage, did not find any announcement. The customer service call demon, 20455697 is , it is a money owed me! In June, has been delayed, he said the meeting for the day, or is not in the financial, U1TH is a black alliance, is estimated to have run road

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