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Technology creative network to promote 2 legs walk

used to think of technology as important when it came to online marketing.

The first

of search engine optimization, after some time, learning the keyword, the chain code, and original things, and to study the search engine algorithm, this algorithm is of course a pretty xuanhu things, beyond my ability. Even if some looks, what else can help


according to experience, the choice of keywords, the chain, the original, update frequency, these are effective means of optimization, through some operations, there will always be a successful time. The more time is accidentally optimized some key words. Master see here may be a contemptuous disregard, but I am not master, so let me fallacy.

second research group promotion. Toss some time, blog or forum, Weibo or mail or are very effective, if the manual group, that is a little tired. Slowly learned a little bit to improve efficiency, borrow some simple tools, and finger flexibility, and keyboard, mouse sensitivity, computer CPU and memory, to achieve the fastest mass. Of course, the master will say, "you can use the tools.". It’s good to use tools, but tools don’t work well. Good tools are paid. You don’t have to download a tool, and you have a Trojan horse.

third research topic promotion. Often a topic is a topic, for a group of people, the content is good. From content, in the chain, the key words and so on, the optimization is also easier than the single page. The format of the topic is often rich and colorful, allowing readers to continue reading and multi page reading. If it is a special topic, readers will collect it. A good interactive page that also allows readers to participate, greatly increasing the length of stay and access to pages.

so bustling about some time, finally have to wake up, these techniques, of course, is essential, but we often indulge in technology, forget our real purpose, enter the user mind occupied the user mind. And this purpose, with technology can not be achieved, we can only rely on marketing. Marketing is the most important idea is irritating, is originality, is to win customers, to win the user’s nod: Well, is this, my love! Users said so, so word-of-mouth marketing they often have a more powerful effect than technical means.

2 legs to walk: technology + creativity, then we can play the magic effect of the network to play incisively and vividly.

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