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What websites do you make money for Try the public navigation website

opened the historical rings, looking back to 2000, once in the Internet cafe when the network of grassroots boy, Li Xingping good 123 site home sold to Baidu, get 100 million yuan.

science and technology media have reported this transaction, suddenly Li Xingping became the head of the grassroots idol, many grassroots Adsense imitation 123, a site navigation station have emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

over the past few years, site navigation station there are many changes, some webmaster to web site navigation positioning to the industry webmaster appeared B2B site navigation, some webmaster to site location for the campus, there is the campus website.

Wangzhuan site Daquan, shopping site navigation, Taobao crown shop navigation…… And so on, all kinds of websites, navigation websites are numerous.


so many navigation sites, no one to Li Xingping 123 good results, many large companies have run navigation sites, such as QQ site navigation, 360 site navigation, 2345 navigation, 265 navigation… There’s no place for a grassroots webmaster, so many navigation sites are closed for a while.

downtown highlights, navigation site towards the end, until the emergence of WeChat public number, and a number of WeChat public number for the content of navigation sites.

WeChat public navigation site, early done well, WeChat navigation website weight has reached 7, appeared on the Internet a lot of WeChat public navigation website source code. I sold WeChat public navigation website program on the Internet, also earned tens of thousands of yuan.

in the hot industry can not stand the baptism of time, three years later, the WeChat public navigation site market has been saturated.

2015 also do that kind of navigation website will make money? Many grassroots webmaster have doubt, can’t you have a new website can do?

from the media navigation site

from the media is a new media, and now all major media for people from the establishment of a column, from the media navigation site, there is a certain market space.

QQ public navigation website

QQ, not only the public beta in front, this kind of navigation website is a bit like WeChat public navigation website, so now seize the time to build a number of public QQ site navigation, QQ may become the first public number of navigation site, the market space is very large.

summed up: Operation website is a very hard work, want to see the effect, must be through constant maintenance, constantly updated, a few years later, perhaps still no harvest. Just like the province of China blog, after a year of operation, you can have a little bit of influence in the media blog circles, there may be no influence, this is the hard place to run the site.


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