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These three issues are becoming the loss of zero weight loss products users


, as a webmaster and SEOer is nothing more than a common work every day to start foreplay is to open the webmaster query tools to check their site is indeed the case, do not have a search engine optimization personnel do not care about their own websites, especially the novice station so long, the problems encountered is almost the same, some owners do the competition of larger sites, some owners also do some smaller competition sites, there are just standing in the middle line, ask the three webmaster can do very well? Daily traffic can achieve their desired effect? I think that’s going to think about it, no luck there is no search engine, so everything is high officials and noble lords, can only rely on their own or their own team to achieve zero, the user is really a headache, no user to network Station experience that site is only a decoration, so that the significance of what to insist on? Sometimes it really makes people downhearted, we come to see what the net friend encountered:

users "hollow" questions to:


website has a very objective ranking in Baidu ranked in the top five, but there is no traffic, how to do? My station is the weight of the product, the keywords are: the most effective weight loss products, in addition to Baidu in the first four promotion site, my station is ranked fifth in the rankings. Is the front, but there is no traffic, seven or eight IP, how is this going on?

strawberry square dance net the SEO empty:

according to the users’ questions, the optimization did quite well, in the industry do have slimming products is very powerful, the Baidu index is around 211, Baidu on the page to 1970 pages, it is still a bit difficult competition, logically, if you do it traffic is certainly on the homepage of IP is only seven or eight more than seven or eight users visit only, also does not exclude competitors, but the SEO city square dance strawberry net that no competitor will be silly enough to help competitors to increase traffic, unless it is to analysis the competition is how to do, according to the description of the users the author analyzed the city to SEO, in the Baidu search keywords of the main users, is still quite strong competitive strength of home has 8 station In the promotion of the other is Baidu’s own products, such as Wikipedia, library, experience, know that there is a 39 Health Network, these are the authoritative web site, then it should be the users of the station! But do not know, because I do not have to contact the users do not know his the site, then the author take a website and analyzed, according to the keywords thesaurus inside to see the station is indeed the main keyword users, ranking fifth only to estimate the traffic flow of 2~4, it is really a bit to say however, here the author SEO city square dance strawberry net has analyzed three the problem is not to pay attention to, the real reason is also zero users.

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