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Every stationmaster needs one to depend on

is currently Baidu promotion and do more harm to form, can be said to all walks of life to this term, is now a market economy, we can use various means to achieve the purpose of fast money, how is the webmaster has become a bitter industry, even the repair shoemaker than, we all think this is why it is? Because of too much or Chinese need money, life gradually increase in the gap between the rich and the poor. So that the rapid development of China’s Internet industry, the number and number of online Adsense growth. To see so many famous personnel, GJJ.CC webmaster, powerful HAO123 Webmaster Station, although education is not high, but in the network industry has made no small achievement and fame, has emerged a large number of owners, no night, no day! Stop copy, paste, what is more the acquisition program, crazy collection, create a large number of garbage station, in fact we webmaster purpose is very clear, is for money! Can have a few webmaster to interest and do stand, I think it is less and less! Many owners do not earn money, also paid a lot. Here to thank graph king, has been encouraging the owners continue to insist, also write some webmaster development direction (which means clear, of course also contain development factors on the webmaster network) provides a very good exchange but the sky will have for the webmaster. We now write soft, really is a very good promotion methods, after all the weight of stationmaster net is very high, can bring some of the chain to the webmaster, I’m not lazy, I really have no time to write the article, I have some inspiration in the can, and many of the webmaster want to say your feelings, these years is very bitter, very tired. We want to study while we are doing the content and promoting it. Now the promotion is even more difficult. (at present, I do not know whether it is affected by the international financial crisis), there are also negative situation in the Internet industry.

now I to the tough steps, building site, stop ctrl+C ctrl+V, even some pseudo original are not, I do not deny that I am doing garbage station, I also want to own life easier to provide some funding for website development. At present, the webmaster trading BBS link sales, there are many garbage webmaster, mainly is not good faith, I don’t care about the amount of money, this is a person quality and quality problems. We are here to make money, but for website development, I can not help but think of a poem (pods burned to cook beans, peas weep in the pot. This is the same root, fried He Taiji). Why should we do so? 5 dollars and 10 dollars for the part of their website reputation? In the webmaster program trading, as a seller, I strive to achieve customer service, strive to do better. More important is human communication.

Adsense exchange or communication or your sincerity! So we will be more broad way, the sky will be more bright, their own way will be more broad, my best wishes to you, let us work together, build a beautiful home network. Work hard before you can see the sun tomorrow.


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