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Modify Title Title Baidu K you don’t discuss


DOSJS site took a lot of effort and managed to do it in a few months. Do station is the most afraid of being Baidu K station, especially a new station, if there is no pre Baidu search flow import, a new station is unable to develop very quickly. Of course, you have money to do promotion is another matter.

in doing DOSJS site, consider the most is how to be Baidu included, not K station or drop right. So the DOSJS web page didn’t do anything to optimize it, and all the keywords and description in the page were deleted. And DOSJS is also a free online production ebook service site, the site is only to provide online production services, I think the next Baidu, you will not K me, I am an honest website. Who would like to stand for 1 months, Baidu directly to the K dropped, others said that the new station will be placed in the Baidu sand box, after a period of time will be released. OK, I’ll wait…

in the waiting time, through the server logs, I found that Baidu spider has been very diligent index of my site, I believe that soon, Baidu will put my station out of the sandbox. But so far more than half a year, I still did not put out the station, I do not understand why. The reason for looking for, in the meantime, I have only one page of the website operation, that is, I found the page title title is not appropriate, modified several times Title title. It seems that my dosjs.com website was abandoned by Baidu because of modifying the page title title.

finally give everyone a piece of advice, a website from start to do, want to have a good page title, after killing all don’t modify. Don’t move the old page even if you change it. So Baidu will think you are innocent, don’t take your operation.

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