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Open domain name investment inspiration from new top level domains

today I saw A5 in the front page of the site "Mao Wei: a new top-level domain name domain name application open or open" own era, information can be drawn from his home may open the top-level domain name application, if can make some domestic institutions and companies with new top-level domain name, then we as a domain name where the status of investors


as a domain name investors, we for domain name registration and renewal are holding an appreciation of the potential to, for example, if we have been registered with the "Haoren" of the +COM name, but there is a company called good, he was interested in buying my domain name, is talking about the price when you get a message suddenly, he wants to register a domain name, the domain name is haoren+haoren, so we ask the hands of the domain name can also valuable? At that time many domain name values will no longer place, so in the current situation and how we choose to let the hands of their own domain name domain name has more and more high the value of


I think you can choose some not domain name investment company and brand domain name registration, such as domain name, domain name city scenic area, these domain names can not produce legal protection, but also users love these domain names is Pinyin +COM, facilitate their memory, so I think we as a domain name investors first is the domain of risk aversion, risk in their hands, otherwise all you hold the company and brand name but every year No one shows any interest in, what money is many, that is we do not live to eat pin.

To avoid the risk of

in the second step, we should go to the mining of top-level domain information, domain analysis of foreign investors is how to have a top-level domain name after the mode of operation in the country, we can not blindly arrogant, zuochishankong. From Mao Wei information we can draw: Japan and Australia have more than 100 top-level domain application, so we focus on learning objects rapidly in Japan and Australia, domain name investment, economic analysis and investment mode of them, will allow the replication of innovation, most will open the top-level domain name in China after application get a glimmer of opportunity, do not know how to excavate and innovative people can only be eliminated by the times.

understanding of the domain name investment model abroad, our most important step is to practice, so now you can see from this article should begin to accumulate a certain amount of money, some things happen suddenly when you haven’t ready time, now I have as a domain name investors at least need for more than 5000 of the funds, to deal with the impact of top-level domain application and opportunity, if we can seize the first opportunity, I think we will not cause the domain name investment decline, also can exist for a long time.

for the opening of new TLDs application as a domain name investors see also don’t have any things, development is not a short duration of time can be successful, we should stick to their own.

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