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Lu Songsong Ali mother ad alliance experience cheated a moment can not cheat

currently relatively high profile, suitable for small and medium-sized owners make money advertising, only Google AdSense, Baidu and Ali mother Alliance (now called Taobao alliance) the three league, before Lu Songsong wrote a "Baidu alliance with Google AdSense", by those who want to earn some extra money for new Adsense attention. A friend mentioned in the comments Ali Mama, I introduced today in the Ali Mama advertising alliance, but also for me to do some experience of the mom in half a year ago.

at the end of December last year, I stopped on the official Ali Mama advertising, chargeback and high brush flow too many people is the main reason for me to give up mom. Below, Lu from the identity of an ordinary webmaster, said its advantages and disadvantages.


(Note: Ali, mom, front desk – Mai Mai)

Ali mom’s advertising advantage,

1: when I chose Ali mother the main reason is that it has not paid the starting point, no matter how much money can be quickly reflected in your Alipay account. Compared to the AdSense and Baidu alliance, withdrawals are the most convenient.

2: Ali mother account application is also very easy, but also easy to use, people will look at the operation, and Taobao off without audit, various forms of advertising, but also for cheating customers do not strictly audit Taobao.

Ali mom’s advertising disadvantage,


and Taobao is exactly the same, Ali mother advertising industry in "C2C", the user can become advertisers can also become the main site, it is due to become advertisers threshold is too low, resulting in Ali mother flooded with spam.

2: because Ali mother is open to your site traffic statistics, traffic high natural advertisement price is high, leading to the Ali Mama owners, most of them are out of the brush flow, how to brush Lou loose below explain.

is more than I do some experience of the mom, relatively shallow, but it is suitable to do mom friends can make a reference, perhaps that most are unwilling to do, now I introduce others on how to brush Ali mother alliance advertising to make money.

brush Ali mom ad bit

do Ali mom actually sold is advertising, because it is based on traffic judgments, traffic standards is Ali’s mother publicly statistical results. So many owners only need to put the traffic statistics as open brush Ali mother can sell a good price.


Lou loose make an assumption, if your site on IP in 1000, about PV6000, AdSense is probably a few dollars, but if the Ali Mama advertising brush up, you can ask 50-100 what > element

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