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From the media exploring the use of fans economy is purely suicidal

recently on the topic from the media charges from the loose, meet the eye everywhere, Changqing to countless personal webmaster, everyone seems to be reading as a trend, and even a well deserved profit means, tens of dollars on the hundred dollars for reading, really let the whole share become more complicated. In fact, the loose, Changqing friends blog, they have paid to read I applaud, it’s not because I’m blind worship, but they have this ability, you pay less than you get more, that is to say no matter how as we are paying the money. But for some grassroots webmaster, in just won some people support, blind start from fans on oil, really a bit inappropriate, because the fan economy is not every webmaster can do.

can you guarantee your quality,


now most of the media from the use of annual fee system, that is to say, some friends as long as recharge once, you can get free media year dry articles. As a reader, spending hundreds of valuable things is like subscribing to a magazine, and flowers are spent, so it’s worth it. It’s the first thing most of you really want to pay for a friend. As from the media friends, can you guarantee that this year can persist, responsible for their own quality? I do not think it, I am not against everyone’s confidence, but sometimes it’s hard to argue with the facts. As the media is concerned, just start charging a few days will be full of spirit, thinking he was responsible for the readers and myself, say what also stick to write a good article, but it won’t be long before some people begin to complain, feel every day from dawn to dusk is to the money it is not worth it, then grew more and more no, grew more and more angry, prices, lower quality and so on until it really muddle along, is a real phenomenon, but once these really suffer not only pay for the media, also is a devastating blow, and even attracted readers.

is from my personal perspective, I would encourage everyone to promote the pay to read mode, after all, is the real life of the individual, we need to eat, need life, money is granted. But I want to warn you, economic fans who are not able to do, blindly follow the trend, by itself is not much pocketed the number of fans, is not suitable for the reading environment. To know the value of buyers is a need to abide by saying, we can’t just talk, you may think that you bought dozens of pieces of articles is value, but you really give them the transfer value? Fans economy in a sense, is a kind of continuous track fixed groups on the fans, they you may not tell, but in a negative way about them. You will play a guiding role in enough, and this is obviously more important things, just think loose do blog, from the media to do for so many years, why wait till now to promote the pay mode of reading, because only he only >

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