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Baidu’s views on Google Adsense

everyone, A5’s friends, Hello everyone. I got up in the morning and found some questions written here. Let’s analyze:

talking about Baidu’s views on Google Adsense

talked about Google Adsense, probably in the webmaster circles is already known, no one knows, but for the China current network situation! Do most of their friends website traffic comes from Baidu search, so how to put Google on their websites inside advertising has become a problem!

maybe some webmaster didn’t meet this kind of situation. I’ll tell you about my experience of putting on Google Adsense, Baidu, IP, 0,


not long ago when playing QQ farm not steal the game of whim did vegeteal! So the query, analysis, segmentation, download a dede5 CMS spent nearly half a day with a two level domain name: (http://s.toucai.yaoyaotao.cn) did this because he is making the website Web site. This to me is already familiar with


on the Internet in the processing of some relevant articles! Added, it is also good for second days, Baidu included page and keywords are ranked in the home page, the evening looked at the statistics, about 200 of the IP was happy, but I do it the first time a day from the search engine IP do 200 station for more than a week in the IP 300-800 between swing! Thought Google Advertising can also put a few up · · · · (small station. The idea that although IP is not much but naive) can also make a few clicks ah, because the content quality of high energy and keep visitors. On the night get a few GOOGLE Ad up, is his thinking hits

!Two days

unexpectedly found in the morning IP, the home of the keyword are all gone! This upset! Did not expect to get a few GOOGLE AD up instead flow away!

used to have such experience, a QQ space station name IP has been very stable on the GOOGLE AD IP also showed a declining trend in Baidu ranking fluctuations! Of course other friends on Google Adsense have such phenomena do not know, above is a personal point of view: think of GOOGLE AD on the Baidu ranking there should be some impact! After all, Baidu and Google are domestic competitors! Who will make their products in their own fields are good.

, it’s incoherent. Excuse me,


this article consists of: http://s.www.yaoyaotao.cn, Q>

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