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How to do website information design

        Abstract: with the further deepening of web technology, web design, to meet the visual design and interface design under the premise of information web design is also further requirements, "the purpose of the design in order to better convey the information, information design is the design of web page in the web (interface design) can be achieved and the program design on the basis of the background. It plays an important role in the dissemination, transfer and browsing efficiency of the information. First, according to the experience of the webpage design, we make a substantive exploration on the information design of the web page.

keyword: information design, information expansion, information compatibility and interworking,

web information design is the organization, planning, classification and expression forms of Web information. The purpose of Web information design is for people to understand, use and accept information.

website design is to solve the problem of man and computer, because the terminal users are in the computer and communication, and information release rather than direct conversation, better solve the design problems in web pages, to improve the website information collection, publishing and plays a key role to browse. As everyone knows the website of Microsoft Corp (http://s.www.microsoft.com) blue design clarity, block table layout, the high quality of the information bearing release mode, so that visitors can clearly understand the website information pattern, visitors can experience the real information of "what you see is the".

"You may think that my main concern is the design of thousands of pages of microsoft.com," says Peter sterm, director of

‘s Microsoft Corp web site. Indeed, these are really my concerns. Visual attraction is important, but this is only part of the job, and the ultimate goal is to ensure that the site is functioning properly and that the information is properly and effectively spread. I mean people often visit www.mivrosoft.com, didn’t take it as art appreciation, but in order to obtain relevant information or have some technical problems need to consult, or read about the developer’s journal; so the information design website to clear and organized, so that they can easily find the information they need." From this point of view, it is not difficult to find the importance of information design in Web pages. Microsoft, China (http://s.www.microsoft.com/china) and MSN China (http://s.www.msn.com.cn) are also adhering to the idea of this information design framework.

1. site positioning, information arrangement

practical web site positioning is undoubtedly a good side, it is related to the arrangement of information. But good content is the soul of the website, the purpose of web design is to better convey information, and ultimately to transfer information services.


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