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Five principles of website product design learn to learn from those successful products

, standing on the shoulders of giants, said, "the urine is far away because of the high standing," said Newton. Both Microsoft and Tencent seem to have told us the truth. Most of the time, they are not original ideas or techniques, but in the end they are the ultimate beneficiaries. On this magical land, plagiarism is rampant. Did you buy micro-blog today? Did you buy it tomorrow?…… It seems that after each successful product, always find a similar product in the Tencent’s product library, although I did not go to study whether the Tencent copied others, or others copied Tencent. But this tells us at least one thing: even if we want to defend morality and conscience, even if we are far away from plagiarism and speculation, but the necessary reference is still indispensable. To make a good product, only rely on their own way or otherwise is not enough. You need to do more research on products that have something in common with your product, understand their design ideas, and study their design ideas and operating characteristics. In the end, combine your product organically and add luster to the quality of the product. "Reference" two words sound very simple, not plagiarism, we all will, from primary school examinations, we have been drawing on the answer of the same table, a lot of people may say so. But the reference is actually quite hard, if the reference is not good, but easy to imitate or superfluous.

so how do you learn from those successful products? I think we should do the following:

first, reference must be in their product positioning has been clear after the reference, this point many people do not understand why after the product positioning has been made clear. Very simple reason, if as a product manager in mind is not quite sure what they want to do, then go to peer products. Often draw lessons will become plagiarism, and thus lost their definition of the product, and finally become a hodgepodge without features. You and I, not as often as Tencent or Baidu as a large number of existing large company users, even our financial weakness, just by copying peer products, but does not have its own characteristics, basically not up. They must be in their product positioning clear, they want to know what products, their products to serve those customers, their products have the characteristics of their products to profit by what form, and then go through identification of products, other products lack of research and lessons. To avoid detours and their products; learn from other product strengths, for their own use, to do auxiliary for their products.

second, from focusing on the details and small: learn from each other’s one or two very distinctive, or user experience very good function also may not be, but most of the functions, profit model, product operation ideas, to supplement and improve your product, but the possibility of direct reference is very small. In other words, if functions and ideas draw too much, they tend to lose themselves. But if you can’t find the backbone of what others are doing and then went their own what to do.

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