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Baidu’s open application platform Baidu is not open to the future

The birth of Baidu’s open platform

since then, without access to other sites, can be directly through the Baidu games, watching movies, reading novels, third party websites need only in accordance with the requirements of Baidu, submit the application can, even in the near future, but also can realize the online search community, this is Baidu "the application of open platform Baidu Robin Li said". Baidu’s name can be described as "magnificent", "open", "what is open"? Under the eyes, but it is Baidu’s closed platform for opening up, more appropriate. The launch of Baidu open platform, anyone can understand, China Internet, again to change. But how will this day change,


at the meeting, happy webmaster put forward objections, hope Baidu to really open, don’t do it yourself, for some, not for. A remark, attracted the audience a sensation, although the discourse of euphemism, but is stabbed Baidu. However, even so, Kaixin has to join Baidu’s open application platform. Because happy net and thousand oak happy net lawsuit, really make happy net suffer heavy injury, and join Baidu, can declare oneself legal identity, also be helpless however.

in fact, many people do not want to join the Baidu open application platform, is worried about is whether Baidu is from the user in Baidu, to castrate himself to do the wedding dress, for others? In addition, Baidu will not be personally surgeon, to open his own website to seize the market? That is to say, Baidu will not be personally into the game, video. E-book Industry? It is not no play? Even if Baidu does not personally join, so will cut off site castration, 90% of the profits, dominate the website fate, then buy cheap website, then how will


yesterday with a friend on the phone, the other point, said Baidu’s move to do advance secretly by an unknown path. On the surface, to support the third party partners, secretly buying vertical sites, eventually become a search, can be described more of the heart is obvious. In fact, from the history of Baidu is not difficult to see, Baidu has become a station search ambitions. For example, search "Jingwei world", the first show is odd arts network, which is Baidu investment. For example, "construction bank stock price", the first two show is the news and network, which is Baidu’s strategic partner. Search "small game", the first is Baidu’s own small game page. Wait a minute, and then search for "Li Yuchun", the first is the Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu second, Post Bar third Baidu MP3 fifth, Baidu video, Baidu pictures sixth……

from the search of "small game", although the 4399 has entered into a collaboration with Baidu, but it is not difficult to see, Baidu has become the site search, this kind of cooperation in 4399, but if not good, not worth mentioning, then 4399 of the market will not take others, but only reached a cooperation with Baidu, very sad. And 4399 of the profits and so on, have been completely castrated, and very little left.

According to statistics,

searches for the first place and will occupy 50% of the total

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