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Wang Rui Tan the secret of rapid website turnover copywriting

Wang Ruitan on how to improve the network turnover rate, improve the conversion rate and enhance the site’s profit is very interested in, so I carefully read this knowledge, Wang Ruitan believes that in order to improve the turnover rate of the website copy writing, the need to integrate through the following four points: < /p>

first, break the senses.

breaks the senses, allowing the viewer to see the first eye of your web page and freeze, so that the bright spot in your copy will capture the viewer’s eye. Let visitors quickly judge that your website is valuable to him, only you can provide what he really wants, only you can satisfy his dream and satisfy his inner desire. At this point, you have broken through the viewer’s senses, grabbed his attention, and laid a solid foundation for your site’s transaction.

second, seize the feelings.

after breaking through your senses, all you have to do now is grab the viewer’s feelings. You copy the main purpose is to sell products, so you need to give the product a clear positioning, so that the characteristics of the product you talent shows itself in similar products, in the hearts of the viewer to form a clear brand positioning". For example, you do whitening products, mainly collagen whitening, so you need to introduce the advantages of Collagen Whitening, so that visitors mind form a new orientation of collagen whitening. The purpose of this is to make your product in the minds of visitors to form the best position, so that he has a sense of belonging to your product, affecting his next decision.

third, rational judgment.

grab the viewer’s feelings and then the viewer needs to make a rational judgment about whether to buy your product. How to dispel the viewer’s misgivings, let him of your products trust, and make the final purchase decision? You need to be certified by a large number of customers, that your product can be trusted, you is his choice without regret.

fourth, urging action.

After the

viewer has made a rational judgment, you’ll need to make the last hurdle before deciding on the final deal. In the transaction, you need to make a commitment to zero risk, so that consumers did not let consumers feel very menace from the rear; payment convenient payment, you should always remember that you should do more to allow consumers to do as little as possible; and in the final commitment, your product can bring more value and benefits to him. So when you step by step under the guidance of the transaction it paid off, you can play the very successful, fulfill your ultimate goal – turnover.

in your copy writing, you can catch the above four points, and these four points of view, I believe your website turnover rate will be greatly improved. The above is Wang Ruitan on how to improve the site turnover rate — writing opinion, there is the question of interest, welcome Wang Rui Tan QQ:1643615132, we can learn together, together for >

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