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My local forum Road station experience summary

Hello everyone, I am the webmaster of the oil field life forum. I have made a local classification station and found it difficult to retain users, so I changed to the local forum. BBS just on the line for a few days, basically did not do publicity, but in a local group notice above written on the BBS web site. So far, 65 registered members, about 50 posts per day, and there are members reflected like home, I feel very pleased. Here is how I do, I hope to do local site novice webmaster can have some help.

wants to profit first, but must first benefit the device.

as a local website, you should first select a good name domain name, which is best associated with the local. I like the oil forum, we name the place called Henan oilfield, is the local Forum web site name Pinyin: www.youtian.cc com cn and some owners think that only is the mainstream, but the suffix, even a little bit basic eyes are not, in addition to our local station, will certainly still rely on local the activities, promotion of online and offline, so I think the domain name suffix no need to worry, as long as the domain name itself one can remember it, if you are looking for a good other domain, but not very good in mind, you can post and guide you to remember domain name. For example, my station, the choice of CC, the natural attention should be paid to guide users, then opened a post, and put a prominent position in the Forum: a minute to remember the site of the site, so that we can remember.

domain name selection of the work done, and then say the program, the mainstream program is DZ and PW, and this we all know, you can choose according to their preferences and proficiency. My choice here is DZ, because my technology is not good, DZ users and more, so that forums can quickly get everyone’s enthusiastic help, there are many plug-ins and templates, and they are more skilled.


After the

program is selected, don’t rush to advertise it. Make the forums perfect, such as points, tasks, templates, plug-ins, and the most important things. Or when visitors, you are changed and template for plug-in, the website will often change, it will cause visitors antipathy, or that this forum is not safe for a few days might not be able to access; or to see a visitor, no content, he may not come to.

retain users.

to stay long enough to stay on the forum, there are new members post, immediate response, so that members have a sense of attention. In addition, all the problems encountered by members should be solved in the first time. Often come to BBS members, remember to send BBS message more contact. In short, let members have a kind of attention, home feeling.

details determine success or failure.

, don’t let a forum where some pictures do not show, or a page can not open phenomenon, it affects the user experience >!

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