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Write to yourself to those who hesitate to the webmaster

this article is yesterday after class cadre election, suddenly feel very depressed, very irritable. In the room could not see into the book, think about two and a half years of university life, a time of feeling like a failure, is a failure! So I wrote this article to a point! What do not know at that time always confused thinking.

always wanted to write something, I always feel there are a lot of things in the chest wall is stuck, but didn’t know how to start.

of the university I have been feeling nothing, are some failure in various convenient, but has been afraid to face their own failure, always from the heart to find excuses for yourself, there is always a little vain, always think that other people are very good, always think they have thought of revenge Iyou have ambition ability. In short, the constant calculation of their future to do the devil, always think that time is still very long, always think…… In a word, self righteousness.

is not good at expressing himself, not dare to express themselves, dare to show himself in front of the public, what are inside, always put his cowardice disguised disdain of others, do not think that the object of communication because people level is too low, and they are not in a class, all day long to live in a virtual the network, can post at the end of the world to talk about national affairs, talk about historical figures and events. Can a post caused hundreds of thread or abuse or agree, with the other in the forum said the day is not too tired, you can enjoy the release of their opinions in my own history forum, but in reality is always indifferent to things, not to utter a single word, sometimes feel oneself too cheesy, it can be said is the truth about what too vulgar to be endured, in return, always think in the school’s reputation is a dry skin, what about acquiring material of substantial returns.

to school all kinds of societies are always too lazy to pay attention, sometimes the heart will be a little bit of impulse, but in a moment will be disguised by disdain to suppress.

many times feel very inferiority, this inferiority comes from their appearance, long is really too naive, although 87 years of birth, but with junior high school students’ appearance, long is really too naive. So afraid to contact with the outside world, always afraid of facing strange people. Always afraid that people see their childish looks and underestimate yourself, always afraid of being despised.

Since the

website after it is to put yourself in the Internet, and more and more contact with friends and classmates, completely depend on the Internet, and now has from time to time very naive dream of their own to do a forum and soon influence as rich and mop and on the horizon. But always worry about personal gains and losses, wanted to concentrate on the Internet thinking to learn courses, and then make a software through the country.

is like this, see PHP today, tomorrow see VC, the day after tomorrow want to teach yourself VB, the day after tomorrow with JAVA textbooks. All day long!

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