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Some experience of using Baidu advertising housekeeper

honored station, after several efforts, standing outside the station a lot of effort, and finally through the Baidu promotion alliance audit, please go to the Baidu union advertising. The same day please down, I excitedly to hang the Baidu alliance. However, the original Canton site in the interior have been set, and a while ago really can not find any better advertising space. Moreover, for a webmaster, can’t let oneself in the station advertising everywhere. To beautiful, and put the place is ok.

in the Baidu union is looking for code plus advertising, and found an advertising housekeeper, just a few notes, found that this thing can solve my problem, so joined the advertising housekeeper. At that time I used the same account with the league, I suggest you do the same, convenient management.

uses an advertising housekeeper. First, calculate the size of all the ads on the site, then create new ads in your housekeeper. It is recommended to use the advertised size for the advertising unit, which is convenient for future use. Then, after clicking on the ad position and adding the type of your ad in the ad position, I chose the code, because it is necessary to put some other advertising codes such as alliance, GG and so on. The next step is important. Add ad material. You must pay attention to the selected size at this point. I joined GG, Baidu, Baidu, and other league ads in turn. The advertising manager, an advertising unit, can associate up to 10 ad content. Everything is done, and finally, the Baidu code, one is two pieces of code, one is a piece of code, I choose a piece of code. Then, in turn, it’s nice to add code to the site’s corresponding location in the back of the page. GG, Baidu, and other affiliate ads show in turn that they shouldn’t ring. As for some people say that this does harm and so on, do not believe, because Google is very smart, very advanced technology. He knows if you’re really working on it. The same is true of Baidu. Since the product advertising housekeeper, that is for our webmaster service. So for the forum friends these days, you can display different ads on each reply post. I like this tool very much.

finally, please visit my website and see if the ads will be replaced automatically. Www.52wyx.net is my little station.

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