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The secret of winning 108 bid for Witkey design

since 2006 embarked on the Witkey industry this road, I have the number of 108, a total of more than 20 thousand yuan bonus. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a middle class in the Witkey industry. Once, two journalists from the Witkey network interviewed me and asked me where the secret was to win the bid I just smiled and told them how hard they worked and how hard they were!

after graduation from University, because I was a design professional, so my work is mainly engaged in design. Design business is the core of Witkey online business, especially in the design of business, especially the bonus of decoration design! The design concept is not difficult, and the most difficult one is the choice of design material. At that time the contact of Witkey and Witkey looked excellent a bid, I was asked, their works are so beautiful outstanding, the biggest feature is to get rid of creative material, but their stuff is coming from? Later on, I searched a lot of Baidu and found a lot of materials, pictures and networks, but abandoned them because of the poor quality of the pictures.

an occasional opportunity in my depressed picture resources shortage, one of my QQ friends recommended me condition art decoration picture network (http://s.www.kuangyi.com/), just visit this website, I would rather baffling the love it, this is not what I dreamed of customers?!

state art decoration picture network is not only rich in picture resources, mainly picture resources clear and bright, never any distortion occurs. If the other picture network is a warehouse, then the art decoration picture network is a boutique warehouse. The website page construction is clear and clear, the access speed is quick, the classification navigation is clear. From then on, I put the art decoration picture network collection, set up as my picture resource library!

actually, I won the bid for the 108 time, and the pictures in the picture are inseparable. Clear picture makes my job easier, if Witkey company staff interviewed again my words, I’ll tell them what I have another secret, is to use the condition of art decoration picture network. Qq:334948383

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