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The remnant is king why can the American regiment be spared in the red blood age

don’t know how long to see the overwhelming news media group purchase, recall that in 2011, he and his colleagues is watching a movie or dinner with a client on the mobile phone will always find some preferential information, and in the subway station can be everywhere Wo Wo Group ads. But the situation changed really fast, now not only can not see the advertising, and even the fiery 24 coupons are now long gone. After experiencing the cleaning of the group buying industry and the change of the market, the only companies that can really stand firm now are only the United States, the public comment, the glutinous rice, the handle and the Wo Wo Group, these five companies. And its middle-aged sales of billions of dollars of the U. S. mission is clearly worthy of the boss.

In fact,

is not only in the group purchase industry, conditions for the development of other industries also follow a resource and background, for the U.S. group, in the beginning, it did not have much advantage, or there is no advantage, competitors face many financing and money, beauty is really can not afford to burn. Can be such a no money no potential poor boy, just put the business done first, really have to admire Wang Xing’s personal ability. However, Wang Xing alone, obviously can not support the future of the entire U. S. mission, the United States will certainly have its own success.

group buying hot, on the one hand, the industry itself is good prospects for development, on the other hand, because of speculation. But anyway, at that time, whether you are a cool look now and in the future, or seek radical expansion, are not for you to judge for yourself, because everyone in the burn advertising site, you go to the night no business can be done. Especially the group purchase as a new field, the first of the people will have a natural advantage of brand recognition, so the group purchase website advertising and buy It is quite common for all. However, the United States mission is a wonderful thing". The face of challenge between rivals and colleagues, beauty group always adhere to the bottom line, do not fear investment, especially in the period of capital is too hot, the efficiency of advertisement is not ideal, so the U.S. group rarely spend money to the money, then to what place? Yes, that is the recruitment of personnel. U.S. group buying and other enterprises not so blind, always in poaching, beauty is love those who really do practical work of technical personnel, not only that, from BMW to recruit in-depth 958 college talent recruitment, we can see the road of the U.S. mission network in the market. Do not re advertising, heavy talent, technical home Wang Xing, although not talkative, but it is a practical person willing to work, even once Ali group COO are such evaluation of him.

and two years of the United States can grow up to a new height, market recognition gradually improved, and even so, the U. S. mission is still down to work, starting from the user, there is a product start. Pay attention to group purchase so many years, the truth of U.S. "gossip" is the least, not only that the U.S. mission network really know how to respect the consumer, a series of practice it is indeed worth learning and research, such as product supply and service consumer demand.

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