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Ruru about the website keyword selection and promotion method to share

this time a friend asked me the question of keywords, first said he began to not very concerned about this and that, just look for keywords to search index, objective to screening, but when I really thoughts, found that the key words are not so easy to imagine. There are related to a lot of problems, let me headache is the most commonly seen Baidu promotion, promotion I was depressed. In general, the choice of keywords is directly related to the success or failure of SEO and the future of the web. If the keyword is not in place or not related to the topic, then all the promotion work is useless, then a keyword should be how to choose it, today RuRu will bring you to discuss the discussion.

I think we first need to know a problem, that is why we need to do keywords, that is the customer would like to think, we must first empathy, if he is to reverse customers, how can I search my goods. At the same time, we should not blindly follow others, do not look at other people’s Web site keywords, what others do, what do you do?. If you want to do a home appliance network, you choose "home appliances", "home appliances website", "Chinese home appliance" these at least hundreds of stations to do keywords, you think you as a new station, you will take the first few?. If you are in the top 10 pages of Baidu, then you have to congratulate you first, and if you find that you have a Baidu promotion, then you can really do not do, and the prospects are not great.

here I will give you a suggestion, is to make a short list of keywords, such as "quality inspection report" your "consumer survey", this kind of key words flow is very impressive, but his competition is much smaller, so it is easy. Here’s the problem, when you’re making the keywords, be sure to do it again after it appears on Baidu. Because if he appeared, and then do that competition, hit, and your keyword to do so, it is very likely that the target keyword has no traffic. This keyword must be prophetic, for before 3 to 6 months, for example, now it is winter, you have to do Taobao keyword clothes, it can be done in summer clothes, such as your keywords ranking up, right on. "Rainy day" this sentence is very beneficial to all of you webmaster.

people may still ask why so long time in advance to do? You can imagine, if the winter is winter clothes words that you do together at least 2 to 3 months, when the weather is hot, you think someone will search down jacket pure leather coat? RuRu or the sentence for promotion is impatient eat hot tofu. Based on the strength, must have their own opinion and predictability, so as to keep up with the mainstream network market! I said so many keywords selected in the above, the following is to say how to do keywords ranking, as I often say, the selection of the trunk, wide branch, only dense branches.

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