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Novice do stand easy let Baidu fast included new station

I do not know what time

, the term "Wangzhuan" such as the Internet everywhere like bamboo shoots after a spring rain "flower", particularly eye-catching, this just know actually can make money online. Forget where to enter the A5, and at that time only felt came to another world, where there is usually not exposed to the knowledge, very novel. So, without hesitation, the web site to the favorites, every day to open the computer, to A5 absorb new knowledge. Diving in the A5 for nearly half a year, but also learned a lot about the website knowledge. Thanks A5 for giving me a good place to study. I usually read others on the inside of the article, to share the experience of others, today also want to use A5 platform to share some experience station to do their own experience, how to let Baidu fast included new sites on, such as can let the novice webmaster get some enlightenment, it is the best. As a rookie webmaster, knowledgeable, right also hope veteran don’t throw bricks.

The so-called

‘company. In the A5 bubble for a long time, naturally want to get a station, experience the Wangzhuan offbeat way to make money.

because do not understand CMS, also won’t DW, have to buy a program. I heard that the picture station is suitable for novice, so I bought a funny picture program, take the station name: I love laughing funny picture network, in order to comply with the SEO principle, the domain name as English letters and Pinyin combination: www.iaixiao.cn. Everything is the first time for the domain name registration, the purchase of space, even from FlashFXP are also in the space business customer service under the guidance of one step by step, twists and turns, finally built his first website, when my heart felt extremely happy, the original station did not imagine so difficult. So don’t advise the novice friends not to enter the ranks of the webmaster to scare myself, the station looked too profound to be understood as long as willing hands, and the thought of going to perform, will have the harvest.

but don’t get too excited, this is just a small step in the Long March, the most important is to promote the site, especially the garbage station, depending on the traffic, no traffic is all bullshit. After doing is how to make the search engine included your station. As we all know, Baidu is the boss of Chinese search. I heard that now there is no chain, two without PR (PR is zero, equal to no PR) of new sites to Submit search engines, it is difficult to be included. So I’m too lazy to submit a domain name. Remember the article said that through the blog guide effect is good, every time. So do try, Sina blog weight in all is relatively high in the blog, a blog first registered in Sina, published at least two articles collected post every day, and leave with their domain linked sites in each article head, and then to the first page of Sina blog to find a few articles day popular blog and use your username to login to the top post. So the search engine spiders will crawl to your blog through your post, in the blog it can follow the links to visit your site, but this is not the end of it, to please the "greedy" spider’s appetite must give it "hello" something new every day, so more.

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