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Zhu Zerong small website is the focus of future revitalization of the nternet industry

management scientists, Zhuo school management school Zhu Zerong said recently, so far, the concept of small sites is not formed, the small founder of great advantage of small website has not been found and operators, but the future is certainly small website of the world.

, according to media reports, said the management scientist Zhu Zerong days before: all the small website contribution and small businesses with consistent, and the development potential of small sites more features, for the development of the social public service system, improve people’s livelihood and welfare, enjoy the changing competitive business environment has great value, especially in the same competition opportunity. Located in remote areas and small town enterprises, and rich city developed areas of the enterprise have the same competitive opportunities, to reform the economic structure, to solve the employment, promote orderly market competition has important significance to promote.

below is a summary of Zhu Zerong’s Views:

1, small site is a small investment, small scale, the number of web pages visited smaller independent or non independent domain name sites, small sites occupy more than 95% of the Internet market, and create equal competition opportunities, solve the employment opportunities and improve people’s livelihood income contribution, small businesses and small businesses and individual major the mode of action and market sales tools, is the main way to increase personal income, solve the employment.

2, small sites are not limited to the general sense of the "webmaster", wider scope, more obvious features. Small sites covering most separate independent operation, independent of the domain name industry website, local government website, website, website, website and enterprise organization website, including the operation rooted in the Internet service provider platform on personal homepage, blog, forums, web sites such as sales, shop prototype, in view of these Internet users themselves is independent of the operating modes and application direction is also independent of the rapid development of the situation, thus forming the Internet application with hundreds of flowers, flowers. All of the above users will operate or display the website as the main body.

3, small and medium-sized website, the website is the cradle of large web sites, the government is the core application of Internet, Internet, Internet public service organization, commercial trade, Internet enterprise Internet, home Internet and personal Internet, is the first step in any organization, any person entering the Internet industry, is the most advanced the creation of the Internet, is a prelude to future Internet applications outbreak.

in view of the characteristics of the small, the website will the Internet is the future research focus and development focus, to solve the problem of small website development must be governments, research institutions, support agencies and banks, investment and financing institutions focus, not all sites are large and medium-sized website, small features, small advantage a small, small value, and small web sites on the Internet industry more, small site of the collective force is the future of Internet industry promotion focus, the parties must speed up the process of guiding the independent competitive ability promotion small website.

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