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Talking about being a webmaster and being a webmaster

in the rapid development of the Internet today, the rapid development of the number of Internet users, the team has also become increasingly strong. Is it difficult to be a station master?. How do you say that,


with the development of technology, various kinds of website system emerge in an endless stream, dazzling, many of these systems to fool, like some ads said, as long as you can type, you will build! Indeed, in a system of station program includes adding (Management) articles, pictures, add software acquisition, generation shortcuts, diligent points in some typing an article in or around to copy and paste them up, a little lazy simply go directly to the other site acquisition, hotlinking, without any technical content. Furthermore, the space business competition is more and more fierce, more and more people join the ranks of business space, the virtual host is really cheap now, tens of dollars can buy a space station, to further reduce the threshold, prompted a large number of users to join the ranks of the head to. This kind of "trendy" webmaster most only a few simple page and then put a large number of ads, some confuse advertising format even more than the content of their fantasy of a station there are a large number of people to click on their ads, waiting for the money, but it also want to get too beautiful, everywhere on the site today, who will go to visit a substanceless station layout and out of order


then, how can I do the webmaster well? Here’s my experience of standing for a few years. I’d like to discuss some ideas for you to discuss:

one, first of all, do a good job planning the site.

a good site, the planning work before the station is the most important.

1, the type of site. You want to do what kind of website is before the forum, news, technology class, business class or a class, you need to consider factors: their time management, news sources, technology, supply, user groups, and according to these items in their most favorable one determine the site type.

2, the direction of the site. At the beginning of the site before the first ask yourself what the construction of a station, this station is the best content they are familiar with the content, if we have a common people to build a discussion of the "seven gods" technology website, this is not Arabian Nights


two, site preparation.

in determining the type of site, you can begin to prepare the site, in the formal site between what to prepare,


1, select the web site program. As already mentioned, now the site program I choose from innumerable, a suitable program is not easy, personally, the selection process should be considered: firstly, this program should be complete and perfect the program, select more than the use of the program, and the best to the official website to download to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. I have a painful lesson is just download a program, built station after the discovery of this vulnerability program > 100

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