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Robin Li talks about the difference between Baidu and Google

today is the first day of formal work, saw a news on the website: Robin Li talk about the difference between Baidu and Google. I believe the content of this article is more important to the website owner. Of course, the article is long and I won’t post it. But there are several points which are worth thinking about.

difference between Baidu and Google, Robin Li’s answer is very intuitive: early in the PC phase, we mainly do is UGC, User, Generated, Content, that is, user production content. For example, Baidu Post Bar, the world’s largest Chinese community, there are nearly 100 million active users every day, then the launch of the Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia and so on is this concept, we allow the user to create a portal, create content, search through the search engine technology, which is in the PC era, Baidu search in the development path, difference or ideas and the largest google.


in the mobile Internet era, Baidu and Google also have a very big difference, and even greater difference in the concept. Google puts more emphasis on Android ecosystem, and for Baidu, we want to connect not only to information, but also to services. For example, now open Baidu cinema, will tell you that there are 1.1 kilometers away from here what the cinema, some sort of show what the film, which seats you can buy, choose your seat pay later, a series of actions can be completed in Baidu.

, for example, other people on Baidu search bad content, cheated, but this information is not Baidu, I just do indexing, I started the idea is like this: This is not my fault. Later, we slowly realized that if someone else thought it was your fault, it was your fault, and you had to work it out. To many friends, this is not our business. There’s something on the Internet. I’ll index you. I’ll give you the content.

Baidu and Google difference comment: through these differentiated content, guard yuan Kun found that Baidu increasingly pay attention to what the user is thinking, what users need. Not just what I need to offer. And you can be responsible for the content you provide, which is worth the industry to learn from each enterprise. Of course, through these contents also tell webmaster friends, many times, Baidu and users care about is not original, but to the user is useful.

in fact, for Baidu and Google’s problems, guard Yuan Kun feel that the most essential reason is that Baidu more understanding of domestic users. Because Baidu is telling people the results directly, it is definitely the best partner for the growing impatience of the Internet people, because they only want results, but rarely pay attention to the process. Of course, this process is the ancestors of the heart and tears of composition, and here will no longer elaborate.

of course, there’s something in this release that is worth thinking about by entrepreneurs, for example, Robin Li says he cares most

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