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SNS why do choose to take root

SNS website in China has 1-2 years of development, but I contact the SNS site is about half a year. The first SNS website is not busy contact network, was in a circle of Wanda IT meeting, comrade Zhang Benwei heard whether the network busy CEO introduced his website, inside the MSN2 of friends let me have the function of interest, so the party, I registered the experience. Later, one after another registered the school, the domestic, ant nets, happy nets and other SNS website

in addition to busy, no network is their own initiative registered, and the rest of the SNS site, in the MSN friends crazy mail invitation offensive, just registered. Because not to register, will have received such "junk mail" forced me to register. In particular, happy net, by mail and friends directly invite links double offensive. Let me have to understand why the registration of the latest SNS website, can make so many people to help us do free promotion.

but happy net originally registered user experience let me regret, don’t know is I don’t get it, or when the site is BUG. I go to happy net to register later, still do not receive the rubbish mail of happy net. The last time you go to the fun network, you don’t want to go after you’ve closed all the junk mail settings. Now let’s say the point of the article. How many SNS websites I registered, why don’t you go to other SNS sites? I only go to the home.

1: busy no net

was busy when registering, no network is very fresh, can see their MSN friends, can understand their MSN friends circle of friends. But this is just a period of fresh, is busy whether the network is the theme of business cooperation, give people the feeling is too serious, when it can’t find a suitable time for business cooperation in the above, can not find the reason and then landing.

2: campus network

received a lot of the school network registration invitation mail, I insist on not registered, and later because friends introduced to the school network work, in order to cope with the interview, I just registered account, understand this website. Campus network, because there are MSN binding function, one can add a group of MSN friends, still feel a little bit of meaning. But it was found that the students were basically students, and it was difficult for them to share the same topic. Although there are some IT workers, but the number is not much, these people are not very active inside, it is difficult to interact.

3: happy net

, the least favorite of these SNS sites is happy net, because the initial spam is too much, gave me a bad impression. And this feeling is the theme of the site inside the main entertainment, plus no friends in the domestic IT. So I don’t think there’s a place for me. But the plug-in function of Kaixin net has to be praised. Some of the features which make people more likely to interact, and not so much as busy school. Especially buddy slave >

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