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Analysis of the reasons for the problems in the optimization process of tea packing station


I started the optimization on sales of tea packaging this station since April 8th has been in a stable state can be included since the line has recently appeared a variety of problems, Baidu snapshot during this time there is no update, Baidu included two days ago is also not included in the station of the "the daily timing quantitative update" to the station today Baidu also declined, a few days before the chain also slightly decreased, but after adjusting chain has changed now, for the author of these problems in the A5 forum to understand the relevant questions but did not find the reason to ask the concrete solution, the author believe that the webmaster friends in optimization also had a similar problem, not updated snapshot, Baidu is not included but included decline and other issues, in which the author to do this About the sale of tea packaging, this station to share with all webmaster friends, discuss the causes of the problem.

one. Baidu snapshot does not update

said Baidu snapshot not update is really a problem in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the author on several articles specifically for Baidu snapshot not update problem with the webmaster to share, but today the optimization on tea packaging this station when there was such a problem, the author analysis and again after discussion with a friend get snapshot not update specific and what about the following with the webmaster friends to share. "Baidu snapshot of the author in this filed to have filed before the official Baidu snapshot for the problem of the specific content of the announcement was not said, at the same time the author in the top two this also mentioned interest webmaster friends can go to Baidu Webmaster Platform details".

in my work with A5 friends to discuss that Baidu snapshot not update and multiple factor by the server. The Baidu snapshot and the second. Baidu snapshot and external link quality, Baidu snapshot and third. The quality of the content and update on the extent of fourth. And the website itself about this "weight is my personal thought" has the author on the packaging of tea competition research found that some ranking is very good, but from the entire site really is a garbage station, the station is not an article not to mention what updates, more garbage and even not a picture. The physical structure of the website is not good, it can be said that the entire station is a basket case, but the station chain do more with little relevance to stand, quality Not very tall. Baidu snapshot of this station is basically a day apart, and sometimes friends talk about this station can only sigh, really do not understand what Baidu do, such a station can also be.

two. Degree Niang not included, but included reduce


optimization on tea packaging this station every day is a few days before the station timing quantitative update not included, then that is not now the writing quality is not high enough or what reasons? But look at rival station of the station and the pen.

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