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Cross border electricity supplier products analysis of the basic concepts of sea Amoy 1

this article introduces the basic concept of cross-border electricity supplier, and share with you.

cross-border electricity supplier refers belong to different customs territory of the transaction subject, through e-commerce platform deal, payment and settlement, an international business activities and delivery of goods through cross-border logistics, the completion of the transaction. Cross-border electricity suppliers to break the boundaries of geographical and national boundaries, through the Internet to connect businesses and consumers. At present, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom is China’s major cross-border electricity supplier market, recently there are many domestic companies in Southeast Asia force. International cross-border electricity supplier representatives have Amazon, Le Tian, Ebay, the domestic well-known cross-border electronic business platform, Tmall international, NetEase, koala, Jingdong global purchase.

1. cross-border electricity supplier in the form of

in accordance with the flow of goods is divided into export cross-border electricity supplier and import cross-border electricity supplier, the scope of this article is mainly involved in the import of cross-border electricity supplier.

and general electric commercial trade, according to different subjects, which is also divided into several forms of B2B, B2C, C2C, Tmall international, NetEase koalas are B2C trading platform, the main three models: the bonded warehouse delivery, overseas direct mail, general trade, etc..

bonded warehouse stock

Under the support of national policy,

sets up a cross-border e-commerce trade pilot zone to support the bonded import model. Bonded warehouses refer to warehouses where unpaid customs duties are held, such as warehouses abroad. When the user purchases the payment, declare to the customs, after the customs releases, deliver goods directly from the bonded warehouse, and then collect the customs duty.

bonded warehouse for cross-border electricity supplier enterprise advantage is to improve customs clearance speed, less funds occupation, reduce trade costs, can also transit at any time, convenient and quick. You can enjoy some convenient and duty-free policies.

overseas direct mail

direct mail refers to direct mail from overseas to the user. The mode of overseas direct mail is similar to personal goods, direct mail entry, not subject to customs clearance restrictions, by the courier company normal customs declaration, commodity inspection (spot check form). Many times we can avoid taxes reasonably. Affected by the 48 new deal and the expansion of category demand, many cross-border electricity supplier enterprises are built overseas warehouses, or directly from overseas suppliers delivery. Overseas direct mail goods need to be passed through customs in two countries, and direct mail is inefficient. It usually takes 7~15 days to get things.

general trade

general trade refers to the import of cross-border commodities into the country and the sale of the goods at customs value. This model increases the cost of supply chain costs, complex import procedures, long cycles, and lower duty paying price advantage. The advantage is that it can deliver quickly without the user’s identity card information.

2. some basic concepts

taxes and fees

sea Amoy and domestic counters than commodities, the biggest advantage in the tax difference.

overseas direct mail: for transfer >

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