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Five major problems faced by female entrepreneurs

female entrepreneurship in modern society has become a very popular trend, at the same time, many women in the process of entrepreneurship, often will face many problems, what are the specific?


lack of venture capital

now, the majority of women entrepreneurs in Nanjing city are laid-off workers, part of the alien new citizens and a few just graduated college students find jobs. Their initial venture capital often comes from the accumulation of personal and family labor, operating income, or through bank loans, private lending and other ways to raise. In our survey, 71.7% of women believe that shortage of funds is the key factor to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial failure in women, 29.1% is because of the shortage of funds hit Waterloo". Although the relevant departments can provide small loans, but cumbersome, difficult to guarantee, not easy to do. "One can’t make bricks without straw", no money, good ideas, good innovation technology is difficult to real productivity.

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