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A successful webmaster should have quality

one, willing to spend money,

station is a small platform for many entrepreneurs, is because it does not need to invest a lot of resources, this is many webmaster site before has such a simple idea, think to spend some money to buy a small space and maintenance, traffic and money have come. However, when we went deep into it and stood for a long time, we found that it was not enough.


first tells the server space, just when the station is almost spend one hundred dollars to buy a 100M space, a blog that is enough, but in the original blog started very few people, so most people with a lot of content to win. Content is more than one, that space is not enough. So choose a larger space is necessary, and the small space is generally hundreds of people rent a website, often slowly open, do not stand up, even if less money is wasted, as a good point ah, flat-share or VPS, 500 a year or 1000, on average, if you can pay better, also one month 50 to 100, I think you should not be what problem, if you really want to rely on the establishment of profit rather than put up no matter, not what the money is for you.

say content is king, the chain for the emperor, want to get high quality of the chain is not easy, especially the other party PR value is high, and in the home page links. There are many online selling this link, even under the CCTV also has a "golden chain", the many government or schools have, the PR value is very high, a month to get a PR5 to PR6 is about 20, so spend one hundred dollars can buy four or five, don’t think less. Such a few high PR outside the chain, your site will be Baidu optimistic about their high several times, you will also accelerate the snapshot update, included to speed up the PR value increased, a corresponding increase. These may be usually a webmaster dare not think, in fact, as long as you want to do big, these are all can consider, wait for your station really do, and will find these inputs are very worthwhile.

two, dare to try

as an ordinary webmaster speaking, it seems that very famous sites far away from us, often hear people say written in A5 or CHINAZ to promote themselves, but think this is unbelievable, it is true, my writing is so poor, can not think of what new things, and never try this is definitely not too. I believe this idea in the majority, is actually not so difficult to imagine, as I thought, then once I usually write a limerick on the A5, want to ride, not included. Six months later, I inadvertently logged into A5’s account and found that it was published. It was amazing, and a surge of confidence welled up in my mind. Originally, as long as you are from the heart to think and write interesting, you can publish, and then I wrote a few again, and also published, of course, these are original, put their hearts to write out. In fact >

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