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nternet user behavior analysis share love men women love possession


I dark horse introduction – Author: according to the platform for a long time, there will be a habit, or a fault – only believe the data. But the data is cool, dynamic, and without direction. It’s just information, not knowledge. Then began to focus on the relationship between users behind the data. Through the interaction between users of the relationship, we gradually discovered the relationship between humanity behind


thought about sharing and possession of the topic, motivation stems from the fact that a dialogue between interesting colleagues:

, a beautiful colleague, suddenly asked us curiously, "how do you know there is a very popular community website – grass community?"

several male colleagues laughed and did not speak – 70 wry smile, 80 after laughing, 90 after stealing music.

beauty colleagues then asked after 90 male colleagues: "how do you know this site? I’ve been on the Internet for more than 5 years, incredibly today only know that such a fire site?"

‘s 90 male colleague shyly said, "have you ever heard of a place called a university dormitory?"

sharing habits between men and women are so different: women encounter a beautiful clothes bag, handsome, star will be particularly positive and female friends to share, while men are rarely homosexual or heterosexual and active love which share their beauty, the hard disk just under the new airline stewardess. What are the most popular functions of a man? What is the best car performance?.

[the author declares] this community is not easy to find according to relevant laws, regulations and policies. If you hear it for the first time and have no technical background, you don’t have to try. Or be a law-abiding netizen.


, let’s move on to a more interesting topic:

why do women like to go to the toilet together (


picked out a few interesting points:

1. women may not feel safe on the toilet,

2. women are basically Pro social animals,

3., women often go to the toilet line up, it is really good chat time,

The design of the

4. toilet is bad for male privacy and for female privacy.

5. the academic point of view: the female toilet is a way of expressing social closeness. The psychological analysis, the male language concern level (hierarchy), aimed at a comparison; and women’s language joint attention (connection), intended to express solidarity. From global science, he says he, she says she.

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