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Enterprises now do not do SEO the future can not do and SEO also pay attention to preconceived ide

because the Internet development speed is very fast, more and more domestic enterprises to produce the traditional benefits of e-commerce more recognition, are starting to put their products or services to the Internet, more and more enterprises want to share a cup of soup on the internet.

generally, enterprise network marketing has many ways, such as micro-blog, WeChat, blog, e-commerce platform, of course, the most important thing is the enterprise’s own station, actually compared these marketing methods have a common point, that is the need for long-term accumulation can be done, so enterprises should have long-term the investment judgment, but very few companies really can do this, they chase even see the effect in the short term, or give up, of course, there are also many companies can not afford to waste the money, let’s take SEO why SEO is more and more sad. As we all know, SEO is a long-term process, and if an enterprise does not start from now, it may be difficult to rely on SEO, and the cost is relatively high. Many students will certainly not agree with what I said, "the future SEO is more difficult to do", "do not like, do not spray", this article mainly share some of the views about SEO just.

we all know that the weight of a web site is mainly due to the long-term performance of the site in the search engines, including the following aspects: domain name, web site operators, stable age content (including the original degree, quantity and quality), the quantity and quality of the chain (including single chain and guide into several aspects of external links). If a site in the above aspects to be perfect, basically a website ranking on Baidu can be said to be no problem, one of which is wrong, the website weight is greatly affected. Here we talk about improving the weight of the site in all its aspects.

recently many people are saying " the chain useless theory " outside the chain really useless,


I think the chain of course is very useful, because the search engine to determine the weight of a web site is to rely on the voting mechanism to link, only passing through the link weights can determine the weight of a web site, so the chain is very important, as a major site of the chain are tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands millions of the chain, said the site outside the chain of no use is not completely reliable argument. Only the existence of what the chain useful, and what the chain is useless. There is a saying called " the station on the chain, large inner chain " and generally cannot do without the link, this is a long-term process of accumulation, Baidu should change can monitor a site for a period of time the growth of external links, often short time inside and outside the chain up, but this is like a bottomless pit, a short period of time to increase the chain is too high, often lead to site is down right, so the chain should pay attention to the nature, the so-called chain nature is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

an external link to import the home page and external links to import the inside page, this should be SEO,

The anchor text of the

link cannot be too great

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