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How much Baidu makes me happy and worried

site for a month, the most concerned about the search engine is Baidu, and without Baidu, personal station where to flow ah?.

looked at Baidu included 12 pages, very happy, the site’s traffic also on the 200IP, Baidu accounted for 50% of the flow. Others, YAHOO, accounted for about 40%. GOOGLE didn’t come. Second Thursday, Baidu update, included page number from 12 to 52 pages, my site traffic soared, soon break 400IP, I once wrote in the webmaster nets, think a month is so much, in fact, was less than 3 days a month, traffic soared to 700IP, summarizes the a month do stand experience.

after a week, Baidu once again updated my station, traffic continues to rise, Baidu included page number from 52 to 82, traffic continued to increase in two days through 1000IP, Baidu’s search engine traffic accounted for 80%. Besides, all of them are from YAHOO. This week, the home page included in the date of repeated changes, today 17, tomorrow and show is 12 days. I saw it this morning and updated it. The number of sites included also increased to 193 pages, this morning to see if not 193, more than 150, page date is 23 days, now look at page date yesterday (24 days), think of traffic will have a surprise, there is a "shock" before this time 70 hour or so, now only 20IP it seems, a road, from the first to the third went to Baidu. Baidu accounted for 23% of search engines. Finally, look at key words, continued for two weeks, in Baidu is very near keywords, "primary school grade two language teaching summary" article address: http://s.www.iyedu.com/yuwen/zongjie/145.html, a road also has no. It’s gone.

I don’t know what’s going on. What should I do next? Baidu really makes me happy.

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