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nstagram10 million is bought do fast website good development

, according to Admin5 webmaster news, Facebook announced a $1 billion acquisition of popular mobile photo sharing service Instagram, payment for cash plus stock.



Instagram is a mobile app originally launched on the iOS platform, which shares pictures of users at any time in a fast, wonderful and interesting way. As early as in November 2011, Instagram founder Kevin Strom had "6 employees and 12 million users" deeds, in Beijing National Conference Center inspired Chinese entrepreneurs. At present, Instragram employees only 13 people, but in 2 years to create a mythical $1 billion acquisition of deeds. This is not only for the mobile Internet Co, PC side of the Internet for small and medium-sized owners, is also a small incentive.

through the acquisition, we can find that Instragram’s success is not accidental. Instagram isn’t just doing something that does not seem right at the right time and at the right place. The success of the Instagram summary of the founder Lei Jun millet seven words formula is "focus, extreme, reputation, fast".

The "focus" of

Instagram is one thing that has been done on a platform since its inception. From the company since its establishment, Instagram has been doing just to provide users with "camera + filter + + + sharing" service; the platform has been doing IOS and Android platform, and even PC clients are not doing.

Instagram’s "extreme" is in pursuit of the ultimate user experience. Super low user participation threshold, you do not need to be a professional photographer with professional equipment to take pictures; make full use of fragments of time, as users can be more convenient to use and take, whenever and wherever possible the use of mobile Internet platform. Without too much advertising and no more worry, privacy leaks add up to it. It is precisely because of its commitment to do something to maximize the spirit, Instagram by filter and picture quality as the core, to become the world’s best photo filter service provider.

Instagram "word of mouth" is more specific in digital. Instagram was founded in March 2010 and received 25 thousand subscribers on the day of its online operation, with 100 thousand registered users a week later. As of March 2012, Instragram users reached 27 million. And some rely on propaganda to grow momentum is different, Instagram did not spend a penny of marketing costs, is entirely with the residence of the legend.

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