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After the rain doctor was drained the market feel that the nternet Medical how unreliable

spring rain doctor CEO Zhang Rui (photographer, Xinhua news agency, Shen Bohan)

in October 18th, is a weekend, and everyone in their rest, but a more than 5 months before the old man "on" but drained rain doctors in WeChat and micro-blog spread quickly. Most of this article is very surprised, the rain did not drained, nor heard of any information of aura. Aside from the so-called conspiracy theories, the rapid spread of the news alone shows how strong the market is for the uncertainty of internet medical care. Compared with any traditional industry that the Internet has entered, the controversy caused by the development of internet medical treatment and the fierce stand of all sides are very rare.

editor’s note: in the discussion of the author the doctor this morning and "on the" rain doctors drained, asked: "the spring of this article is the second time after suddenly fired fire, will not be deliberately pushed?" the doctor said:

should be. One is my "thunder" ("on" the rain doctor drained the contents of the article), two are you in a hurry, three were black, four is my subject to misunderstanding or garish. I do not know who saw such a good "Ray", and hastened to detonate.

internet medical service is difficult to form a consensus of the market, the main reason is that it has not been able to form its own logic of development. The special needs of users and subject to Chinese medical system distortion, internet medical and several years of development in the Chinese has not formed a can convince the market business model, has always been a company to find a source of rapid growth.

in a market of medical Internet are unable to agree on which is right, as a speech

companies have started the public opinion machine, the intention to seize the right to speak. Some companies even direct investment in the media, hoping to have the public opinion for their own banner, some companies spend lots of money to hire former senior media people to join. The company hopes to gain market in a strong media campaign in recognition, which can attract the attention of the investors and users, can come out on top in terms of revenue or financing.

current Internet Medical speech arena, the main point of view is divided into two parts:

on the one hand is the intention to use the Internet to promote change, bend overtaking;

on the other hand, the Internet can not change the line of services, the most is just the Internet of medical services, providing services for medical institutions.

to be honest, the two words are the extremes, did not grasp the essence of the problem. The medical service market of Internet payment control the cost of health care is based on the tools and means, not only can not play the health care hospital is not a vassal. Internet medical development, we must reverse the current system, allowing the payment side to play a strong regulatory role, from today’s medical institutions to a strong payment side strong. The medical service is controlled only from the point of view of payment, Internet medicine

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