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Local classification information website operation and promotion

has read a lot of classified information on the Internet, web site operations and promotional articles, for which the localization of sites mentioned and improve the credibility of the website information, I always agree. These two points will be the watershed of the information website. At the same time, the information screening function of the website, the accurate inquiry and the related display of the information will be used as one of the main applications of the website.

now my main operating website is also under development, the first phase of functional information display and release has been completed, the second phase of information screening is also under development. Now I give my views on website operation and promotion.

from an operational point of view:

1 finely divides each category and divides the industry of the same nature, but with different titles, into the same class. Take Yuesao, nanny, part-time as an example. They all belong to the domestic company’s business scope. The scope of work and nanny Yuesao have certain coincidence.

2, accurate search, search the website as the most commonly used functions need to be done as far as possible refinement, such as when the user in the search for a rental area, found that the site information does not exist or is not the case, should take the initiative to provide some of the users in the last input with associated key users.

3, information correlation, as a classification of information, websites should always think about how to display information for users as much as possible. Display more information associated with content page information to ensure that users do not close the browser directly after browsing a page. In addition, it is also a good way to add Google Adsense as a content supplement.

in terms of promotion:

1, search engine optimization, for the classification of information website, search engine optimization is a key means for the promotion of the website, with the increasing amount of information, long tail keywords website is more and more rich, for you to seize more keywords, make an ideal platform.

2, forum, blog promotion, and it can refer to mouchangqing method introduced in his blog, how to write text, where you can find the entrance flow can be found in it, I learned from his blog has also been greatly inspired.

mail, I think mail as a classified information website is an important means, the use of mail on the Internet, many articles have said, it is not more said. Just to mention the characteristics of the classified information web site, we need to use this method to retain users.

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