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Portals test the water SNS field owners ready to seize the opportunity

from the emergence of the Internet to maturity seems to have been in full swing. I remember a few years ago, the red fire blog for a while, many people have blogs to record their mood and life; recent genuine happy net court, a farce on the Internet, regardless of the who who really is not false, think in imitation of foreign FaceBook, such a confrontation could not deny there is speculation suspects, after all, this topic a few days on happy net for all users to explore, in fact this is the charm of the new SNS.

SNS is Social, Network, Service, social networking services, based on the six degree theory, to understand friends of friends as the basis for expanding their connections. And unlimited expansion of their own network, when needed, you can always get a little, get the help of the network.

said SNS certainly can not fail to mention the first original form of SNS QQ China, Tencent in China SNS market in this area, also is the leader, now almost everyone has its own QQ, through QQ to friends and relatives and business partners, the sale and so on to communicate, to maintain their own the most efficient social activities.

with the continuous development of the Internet, people are not just satisfied with the way QQ, but began to try new SNS way, campus network, happy network, 51.com and so on, began to inject into people’s lives. Take the school network, in addition to pay attention to their current students’ living conditions, for old classmates, old friends, you can find one by one. As the saying goes, a person, a network of people, such SNS, so that more people find their own understanding and do not know, help yourself in social circles expanding.

because of this reason, many netizens have joined in the SNS website, where to expand their social circle. But the establishment of pure SNS website in today’s era has passed, now the SNS field are combined with some applications, such as happy net and campus network is based on the acquaintance relationship network, on the basis of to increase user stickiness, he must add, write the log message that more socialized web games to attract users, in the social pressure to relax at the same time, white-collar workers with casual games, so happy nets until the favor of white-collar workers.

sees the success of happy net, net inside the school, finally the portal website of a few big strength sends out angry, begin SNS investment to surge. 51 after the Alibaba, business and other e-commerce giants have to test the water SNS, has launched its business SNS website; sina.com.cn launched a new SNS product named Sina friend "Sohu" white society "began testing, Baidu lonely also launched a new SNS product, and named" large paste ", the major portals have launched their own SNS site, involved in large-scale SNS service; to China Mobile as the representative of the communication operation.

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