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Yao Jinbo the 58 city chased by the typhoon can not slow down

tiger sniffing note: 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, once wrote to employees in the internal letter, said: "since in the air, we fly up!"". But at that time, he did not expect to be in an opportunity and crisis coexist "Taiwan tuyere", and feel the vitality of the market at the same time, but also faced with the rapid increase of urgency. In 58 city 2014 annual meeting, Yao Jinbo delivered a speech, there is review, promising. Tiger sniffing according to the speech content, finishing excerpts are as follows.

58 has achieved good results in the past year, and I think the reasons can be summed up in the following three aspects:

first, 58 city is an essential part of everyone’s daily life. We are the same platform as the basic structure of society. As you know, we have some services, which may be used only once a year by users, even for two years, such as renting houses, looking for jobs and buying used cars…… So, we grow from the beginning of 2005 is really a little on a little, a little training, especially the trust of users, we spent ten years building up now, no one wants to fight as we take ten years. Of course, ten years from now, we will not meet again. Therefore, the first point of achievement is platform advantage, we are the platform that has network effect truly, the strong effect of the platform should be one of main reasons that we run faster and faster in the past few years.

second, we focus on the entire industry, and even the whole of China, the most understanding, passionate and passionate about local services. These people may not be the best, but we stick to it little by little, pick one by one, and we have the same aura, and we have the same passion of people, we gathered together, the birth of a huge energy.

third, tenth years, no matter how outsiders understand, 58, 58 cultivate their own culture, each of us believe that the user first, the user’s interests first. Each of us believes that we need to respond simply and efficiently to the needs of our customers, and we all know that we must always maintain an entrepreneurial mind.

three years ago, was the most concern is the SNS, video, games and so on, I predicted that three years later, in 2014, local life service, service will become a major category and is a popular category, unfortunately I predicted at the beginning, I did not predict to the end, that is, I have no think it is such a fire!

in the past year, in almost all ventures and investments, when investors were asked what they wanted to vote for, they said that I was now investing in life service O2O. The advantages and disadvantages of the fire, and I predict that it is a "tuyere", I did not predict that it is "Taiwan tuyere", too hot, it will make our sense of urgency increased rapidly. So we can slowly build advantages, but in this environment, basically every three months is an era, three months is a round of financing.

for the next ten years, and the whole life

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