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Secret home network financing to run the mystery adhere to the development is the first priority

got from the way home network to run in is not a web site to a web site to leap forward, but how to do the service, I see this information in the A5 network access to a lot of way home network information, finally comes down to one thing: to run well service website. This service no matter what aspects, but includes at least three points, one is the service base, two service content, three is to do the basic content and the object of service, to do the three things you do not want to run the website in the same industry are difficult.

services base mainly includes service facilities, slightly familiar with internet friends must have heard of the fair, the 58 city network, a list of the three sites, three sites are in just a few years time has, on the one from the three classification website, why these three websites can short time springest, speaking from the hardware facilities of the three sites to build high quality server program to connect, orderly and well prepared, the team prepared a domain name, which is a web development foundation, in turn, we can also see a website 12306 this website as everyone knows, if not unique early eliminated by the user, the basic service is not good enough by mandatory business set up a website, this website is not the Internet tragedy provoked countless people Condemning, basic services so we in the site of the process in the first thing is to do the site.

in good service on the basis of our service depends on our own content meets the needs of the users, often some sites have a good foundation but because the content is not good enough and can lead to failure of the Internet website, there are many such sites, so we need the service content on the website of the planning, positioning, guidance, judgment, why the way home network can obtain huge amounts of money, fundamentally speaking, investors optimistic about his service, optimistic about his future, this is like the hao123 website, Baidu to spend tens of millions to buy a web site navigation, why? Because the content of this site has a pioneer, the website is complete a leap, until now the hao123 site is still leading navigation site in the class, and this is our website to To achieve the goal, in the future Internet service content, must first think, after do, and then practice, and finally in determining their content.

Services Foundation and content, we must also will finally determine the targeted based object and content of each other, not for the website development positive object is very common, we are familiar with taobao.com, Adsense nets and so on type of website is not to rely on to as built up, which requires our own the site must also be established for object service, I am here is an example. Do you like the Taobao guest website, and you sell products are cosmetics products, so our targeted object is what may have part of the webmaster said that the need for makeup, if your answer is this, then I will.

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