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Network editor what do you do to conquer your employer

asks a simple but not easy question: "what is network editing?"

1. copy, paste, others website quality content, copy, use the network to create pseudo original tutorial, the content of the title, and revise the internal links with your website needs the


2. self – study, drawing, understanding HTML code, is a good text editor, medium art and poor programmer synthesis,

3. can quickly make a single page topics, rapid integration of the hottest topics and news on the day, can quickly contact popular writers or hot people interview,

In fact,

positioning of the network editor, so far, are not an accurate concept, although the country opened network editing occupation qualification, but still unable to network editor industry plays a very good role in the specification (unless the mandatory provisions, as long as the network company set up network editor, the editor must hold Posts network editor certificate)

network project based Internet Co, as long as there is a website as a platform, usually set up such positions, but in the specific operation process, basically is with the difference of editing and duct understanding of the myriads of changes to network editor.

I’ve seen a small network company where the editor must be SEO

I have also heard that a medium-sized network company’s editorial view is: copy and paste speed must be fast,

caused a lot of network editors do not know what is their position, sometimes in the edit post half a year, still could not find the entrance, as if their daily work is reproduced and write about the interview.

has led me to a serious problem when I’m recruiting network editors:

no matter what, no matter what work experience, to vote network editor, this feature in the beginning of my acceptance of content is not obvious, when put out several recruitment website advertising, every day dozens of letter into the mailbox to find, how hard it is to find a real work with the network editor.

1. has to get started quickly, which determines that almost all graduating students are not suitable for

2., this person must have a strong professional, at least network editing time to one year, which eliminates 99% of job seekers

3., this person must be able to endure hardship, learning ability, active thinking, which determines the interview even the words are not good people, 100% no opportunity to enter the post.

4. salary is not too high, which determines several major portals out of editing, benefits of the company fundamental not these big eyes.

just read the cover letter in the mailbox a little bit

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