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Several problems that should be paid attention to when purchasing a server

if you’re going to buy a server for your site, then you have to consider some of the related issues. The first point to consider is that your website is part of the domestic website still belongs to the foreign website, if you do is the type site, then, you’d better choose domestic server, because this is conducive to Baidu included rankings, after all China, Baidu or Google’s boss, Dick. In addition to Baidu included rankings, the server page open speed faster than the foreign server, this tends to your PV also has a great influence (after all, who are not willing to browse to open very slowly ").

second is about safety and stability, your best is to choose a company entity server provider, do not choose the kind of personal business type, so that your server is no security. But there are likely to face data theft, and other dangerous horse cross site.

third is about service problems. There are more powerful server providers who will have 24 hours of online technical maintenance. There will always be a fault when the machine, and if your server problems caused by the site can not access and can not be maintained in time, it will cause significant loss to your site. Therefore, the service problem should be considered in particular.

fourth is the payment server rental costs, although the monthly figure than to pay a lot more expensive, but I suggest you choose the best month, because the month are more flexible, but also may enjoy a more intimate service provider server, this is one advantage. The second is, if your website content is because the edge, network peg, then will bring you a lot of trouble, if it is paid, there is basically what trouble, because you can re select a new server provider.

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