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Some things have to be done by hand

these hearts always seem to be oppressed by the same, very depressing, there is a difficult to understand the feeling. Do poineering detective agency www.money006.com has been 3 months, had the lofty, compared with the current situation, I just laugh, a sneer mouth smile, helpless smile, in addition to this, I have no better way to express my heart.

originally thought that as long as the station in the entrepreneurial perspective to think about the problem, try to find all kinds of information for entrepreneurs to provide valuable content for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial detective agency will be welcomed, but this time I know, the original thing is not quite so simple, the only person to do something just know.

every day sitting in front of the computer, almost repeating the same action, tired and sleepy, look out of the window, wipe your eyes and continue, no one spoke, only playing songs linger in the ear, sometimes hear the sad songs, touched the hearts of a string, there is a feeling that it is difficult to say why live so tired? When they reach the goal of


many times wanted to complete his journey to write, but when sit in front of the computer, no clue, I do not know where to write, I have lost the pain, although not confused, but helpless, a failed to change the status quo of the helpless, or a personal combat a helpless, helpless or 0 income.

Before the

venture detective agency has not been established, I once thought I 6 months to make the station as profit, now I know that to do a web site have profit easier said than done. Already 3 months, the website traffic is pathetic, I know this is my promotion is not enough, I also know how to promote personal ability and limited time, only shot run and run, this effect as can be imagined. There are many places that can only be improved step by step.

said: we are optimistic about the business, it is too difficult, really want to do, please bring difficulties to 10000 times, looking to make money to ten times less. The reality is this, only really do, in order to truly appreciate.

finally, what I want to say is that the difficulties of starting a business are great, and we should do well in psychological preparation. If you look at the story of others every day, you are very difficult to understand the feeling of business, even if you see it in others, but you really do it, you still cannot avoid, you only have to understand it, to understand it, can I know which is how to know what to do in the future. Maybe entrepreneurship is like this: if you want to succeed, you must go through a hard struggle. If you just leave your business in the spirit and get too little or too little of it, then you’ll lose your chance of success.

, let’s work together and look forward to the day of success,


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