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The design idea of e commerce website help center

Some of the problems encountered in the design of

in recent days to help center to participate in the assessment process, the help center is what? Help center should help the user what? Help center traffic is to take full advantage of it? Is it possible to increase the help center UGC? This blog to record my thoughts on the design process and help the center, we want to help, if there are different opinions welcome and discussion pointed out.

# help center is what a


was designed to present each big website help center to help center belongs to an important part of the site, but in UE and UI in the design process are weakening design without exception, help center in the end what is the use? I think, to help solve the problems encountered in the center is the user specific problems and design, is not like the product instructions as big and complete website which function to explain the fear is not comprehensive, the help center is divided into two parts: 1, functional class navigation; 2, use

# help center should help to help


is currently in use habits, help the centers of the most suitable for the Internet to primary users, especially the electronic commerce website for online shopping is not very understanding of the site or the entire purchase process is very special needs alone explain, use my personal habits at all major network stations help center I never voluntarily entered, then for the primary Internet how can we help users better


1, functional navigation


users want to a part of the shopping process in operation but do not know where this function is in use process, help center to play a good role in navigation, such as the Jingdong to help center, Jingdong as the representative of B2C net station help center navigation function in accordance with the pre-sale, sale of three basic modules, the electricity supplier customer service according to the division of the Jingdong, these three modules are reordered according to the users are most concerned about the content: the first column, the second column customer service sale, third pre-sale;

2, instructions for use,

instructions are divided into two types, operational process class, text description class.

operation flow class



mainly on the website of the whole process the purchase process from registration to the final purchase end return, as shown above, Jingdong to help center in accordance with the pre-sale, sale, customer service of the three order of the website operation class ranking, the function of each module are introduced, the introduction of Jingdong directly click into the operating diagram direct show no redundant text clear and intuitive, the need to use the help center.

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